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The green cart is 10!

Over the past 10 years we have diverted over 63,000 tonnes of organic material from the landfill. This can fill over 6,500 organics trucks or 55 Olympic sized swimming pools!

Thank you for making a positive impact on our environment by using your green carts.

Continuing efforts:

Improve set-out rate:

Currently the average number of carts set out on collection day is 59 per cent. We would like to see an increase in the year-round use of organics carts to increase diversion.

Reduce contamination:

Contamination (things that don’t belong) is a concern because it:

  • Downgrades the quality of the final product.
  • Increases the cost to sort and transport material from the processing facility to the landfill.

Biggest contaminants in the green cart are:

  • Plastic bags
  • Pet waste in non-compostable bags
  • Food in packaging (bread in bag, etc.)

Get organics out of the landfill:

Food and yard waste require oxygen to decompose into fertilizer, but this essential element is missing in landfills. As a result, when organic material is thrown into the garbage, they do not break down effectively. In 2022, 36 per cent of the material sent to landfills consisted of organics, primarily food waste, followed by compostable paper and food still in its packaging. These materials consume valuable space in landfills unnecessarily.