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Preferred Land Use Concept

In October 2017 the City consulted various stakeholder groups for feedback on three design options developed for the East Points CASP plan area. Feedback received was used to develop a single design. This design was presented to the public at an open house held on January 31, 2018. Public feedback gathered from this recent open house will help the project team to refine and finalize a land use concept for the plan area.

Open House Display Boards (January 31, 2018)

Open House Handout #3

Land Use Concept

Comment Form (deadline to submit comment form is February 5, 2018)

Summary of Survey Results

Land Use Concept Survey

The City of Airdrie is currently gathering feedback on three concepts for the East Points CASP. Feedback was received at an open house held on October 11. Feedback is also being gathered via an online survey. Please complete the survey to share your thoughts on the proposed concepts. 

East Point CASP Land Use Concept Survey - CLOSED


East Points CASP background information

Here we grow again!

In our continued effort to ensure well-managed growth for the city of Airdrie, an Industrial Community Area Structure Plan (Industrial CASP) is currently being undertaken. The lands to be included in the plan are located in the northeast of the City and were strategically targeted for industrial growth within the Airdrie City Plan. 

What is a CASP

Within the City of Airdrie a Community Area Structure Plan has the same standing as an Area Structure Plan (ASP) under the Municipal Government Act. An ASP provides the planning framework for future subdivision and development of land. It also provides general land use categories, access and servicing, and policy direction for specific neighbourhoods or areas in the municipality.

The principles and objectives established in each plan guide growth of future neighbourhoods by setting out general locations for major land uses, major roadways, utility servicing, trail systems and potential population density.

The City of Airdrie requires an ASP to be adopted by Council prior to the adoption of a Neighbourhood Structure Plan (NSP), land use designation or subdivision approval in newly developing areas.

The East Points CASP Area

The Industrial CASP plan area will span some 390 ha (960 acres) of land and include all of the parcels land contained in the following quarter sections:

         1. SE 14-27-29-4      2. SW 13-27-29-4      3. NE 11-27-29-4

         4. SE 11-27-29-4      5. NW 12-27-29-4      6. SW 12-27-29-4

Plan Boundary Map


The Plan Goals

The plan will:

  • Identify Opportunities and Constraints to development,
  • Establish road network and community boundaries,
  • Provide policy direction for the physical form of development, which will be comprised primarily of commercial & industrial land uses;
  • Identify Environmentally Significant Areas,
  • Establish infrastructure requirements, including internal road networks and municipal servicing,
  • Provide policy direction for appropriate interface conditions with commercial and industrial land uses adjacent to existing country residential land uses;
  • Provide options for utilizing and sequencing the limited servicing capacity available for the plan area, and
  • Provide an evaluation of the impact that development of this CASP will have on the non-residential to residential tax ratio for the City of Airdrie,

Community Consultation

There will be several opportunities for you to provide your input. Your input and feedback will help shape the outcome of this planning exercise to ensure that the City meets the demand for additional commercial and industrial land in a way that is sensitive to existing nearby residents.

The following schedule is proposed for hearing your input:

July 26

August 2

September 11-15

March 14-16

Plan visioning for land owners.


Genesis Place,  Rotary Room
3-6 p.m.


Plan visioning  for adjacent land owners
and general public.


Genesis Place,
Rotary Room
3-6 p.m.

Review of proposed plan concepts and policies

More information

will follow on the

date,time and

location of

this consultation opportunity.

Review of draft plan


More information will follow on the

date, time and

location of this

consultation opportunity.

You are invited to follow the Industrial CASP project throughout the plan development process. You are also invited to contact the Project Manager to schedule a one-on-one meeting at any stage of the process.


For more information, please contact:

Gail R. Gibeau RPP, MCIP
East Points CASP Project Manager, City of Airdrie
403.948.8800 ext. 8496


East Points CASP and the Airdrie City Plan

The Airdrie City Plan, developed in 2014, strategically targeted the north east area of Airdrie for industrial growth. The Airdrie City Plan is a long range, strategic plan that sets direction for new development through the whole city.

The plan helps City Council make decisions regarding:

  • future land use
  • protection of the natural environment
  • transportation needs
  • infrastructure & servicing needs
  • land supply for commercial and industrial developmet


Project timeline

  • June 2017 Project launched
  • July 2017 Phase 1 Project Visioning
  • July – Aug 2017 Public Open House
  • Aug – Oct 2017 Phase 2 Exploring options
  • Sept/Oct 2017 Public Open House
  • Nov – Mar 2018 Phase 3 Drafting the Plan
  • March 2018 Public Open House
  • April – May 2018 Phase 4 Finalizing the Plan
  • April/May 2018 Council Review
  • May 2018 Public Open House

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