Urban Beekeeping

Urban Beekeeping Pilot Project

What is it?

In 2018, Council approved an Urban Beekeeping Pilot Project (UBPP). Backyard or urban beekeeping is the practice of keeping bee colonies in urban areas. Honey bees are used extensively for agricultural pollination (canola, alfalfa, clover) and are critical for the success of whole crops such as blueberries, cherries, almonds, apples, pears and strawberries to name a few. While there are many species of butterflies, moths, flies, beetles and birds that provide the function of pollinators, bees are the major group of pollinators.

The UBPP was designed to be implemented in two phases. Phase one consisted of an Urban Beekeeping Pilot Project on City-owned lands in 2018.

What’s next? Urban Beekeeping Pilot Project - Phase II (on private property)

The City is now preparing for Phase two, which will see urban beekeeping on private properties in 2019. The UBPP on private properties will give the City an opportunity to evaluate the full impact, benefits and weaknesses of an urban beekeeping program prior to a potential citywide implementation.

Phase II will run 18-months starting in April 2019 and will be open to both 20 residential and 10 non-residential properties. Participants on residential properties will be allowed to keep up to two hives while participants on non-residential properties will be allowed up to four hives. All participants will be required to follow the Urban Beekeeping Pilot Project Guidelines.


Want to ‘bee’ involved?

We are still seeking resident and non-resident participants for the Pilot Project. Applications will be accepted until we have enough participants.

Residents interested in participating in the pilot should:

If approved, participants will be required to:

  • Register the hive with the Provincial Apiculturist pursuant to the Alberta Bee Act
  • Obtain a Premises ID number from the Provincial Apiculturist
  • Obtain liability insurance to cover accidents related to beekeeping activities
  • Provide proof of completion of an urban beekeeping course from a City-approved organization/association

 Applicants will be notified if they are selected via email.


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