Airdrie, Welcome!

We've often heard there is something about Airdrie, that only the people from Airdrie can understand, that which makes the city a great place to visit. 

A stop at the Nose Creek Valley Museum might hint toward our history, where early settlers founded a stopping point for the stream trains to take on a drink of the fresh Nose Creek waters, or a historic connection to our sister city in Scotland might depict a kings naming over Airdries' high elevations. Whether you perceive it as a 'small town feel' or 'small city attitude'; Airdrie is filled with rustic charm and authentic appeal, farm fresh experiences, innovative technologies, urban design, neighbourly sentiment and family focused events that draws visitors in. For the city slicker, Airdrie often refers to its pioneer spirit; the sense of opportunity, entreprenuerism, building a strong and prosperous future.

Airdrie is a young and dynamic city, thriving in economic opportunity and bundled with every day amenities, where modern influence meets the spirit of the past

The City of Airdrie, with a population of 70,594, is located 10 minutes north of Calgary. That's only a quick 20min drive from the Calgary International Airport, offering a wide range of accommodations, dining establishments, attractions and experiences with both a small town feel and big city amenities.

Airdrie's location is ideal for the Alberta experience traveller. With an open, accessible and central position, making Airdrie your home base allows quick commutes to some of our nearby provincial attractions. A full list of attractions and distance can be found here.

Our genuine hospitality, cozy and world-recognized friendly disposition, makes Airdrie the ideal host for your next visit.

For Tourist Information
Visit the Nose Creek Valley Museum, Tourist Information Centre
Located at 1701 Main Street SW in Airdrie, Alberta at the south end of Nose Creek Park

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Airdrie named by Kings, Ah dinnae ken.

Airdrie, AB is named after the town of Airdrie, Scotland. The true origin and the meaning of the word "Airdrie" is a source of great debate among the Scots. Some suggest the name comes from a Gaelic term Ard Ruith meaning a level height, high slope or high pasture land. Others say it comes from Aeddam, King of Kintyre, and Rydderych the Bountiful, King of Strathclyde. Still others say it comes from Aird Righ, Gaelic for High King. Despite the debate, it is certain the name is ancient and is one of countless examples of Scottish place names found in southern Alberta.

 The person responsible for naming Airdrie, Alberta, and the date it was named is also up for discussion. Naming dates range from 1889 to 1893. Some say that Sir William Mackenzie named Airdrie, Alberta in honour of his Scottish roots, while others suggest one of the many Scottish railway workers named the stopping point.

pg 33 Airdrie 1909-2009 Celebrating 100 years of history, community and opportunity. Anna M. Rebus


Where modern touches meet the pioneer spirit

Airdrie is known for its young population. 78% of residents are under the age of 50, 35% are between the ages of 25-44. As a growing, family-oriented community, we’re home to many children and preschoolers.

The median age in Airdrie is 32.4 compared to Calgary (36.4) and Canada as a whole (40.2) years

"The pioneer spirit defined early settlements in western Canada. Homesteaders headed west in search of fertile lands for farming and new opportunities. Settlers experienced many hardships and struggles, but preserved in their quest for a better way of life.

Pioneer spirit shaped Airdrie's story. Settlers to the area relied on their own resourcefulness and hard work to create not just a place to live, but a community in which to watch their children grow."

pg 26 Airdrie 1909-2009 Celebrating 100 years of history, community and opportunity. Anna M. Rebus


Today, we continue to see the pioneer spirit alive and well. Airdrie's business advantage  and economic indicators, show Airdrie continues to be poised to grow.

Airdrie strongly supports the pioneer spirit, recognizing one-third of our 4,000 licensed businesses are established in the home, offering unique products and services to the community and regional trade area. Hosted by the City of Airdrie, SMARTstart is an award-winning program delivered by Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, City of Airdrie Economic Development, and Community Futures Centre West. Through online learning, in-person seminars and mentorship, SMARTstart give entrepreneurs with an idea and new business owners the tools to build a plan that will help set their business up for success. The SMARTstart entrepreneurial training program launches annually with an enthusiastic and dynamic group of local entrepreneurs and mentors.

Airdrie is seeing a rise in the retail trade and professional, scientific and technical sectors. Manufacturing and transportation and warehousing firms continue to help diversify Airdrie's economy. More information about Airdrie's business sector is found with the AirdrieNow website.


Landmarks for your selfies

Airdrie Water Tower

The water tower has been a familiar landmark in Airdrie since its construction in 1959. At that time, a water and sewage system was also built for the village.

In 1972, a large reservoir was built at the south end of Airdrie making the tower obsolete. Since then people have wondered what should become of the empty tower. Options ranged from tearing it down to using it as advertising space. In 2003, the water tower had a new lease on life when council voted unanimously not to tear it down. By September of that year, the tower had a shiny new coat of paint and black letters proudly displaying the city's name.


Centennial Sphere

The Centennial Sphere sculpture on Main Street was created by Cochrane artist Honsun Chu to celebrate Airdrie's Centennial in 2009. The Legacy Project is a representation of Airdrie’s growth integrating time, space and people to reveal the history of Airdrie. The sculpture will be displayed permanently in front of Airdrie City Hall. Sculptor, Honsun Chu


 The Totem Poles in Nose Creek Regional Park

Gwacheon Park is noted for its symbolism with sandstone stones that anchor the Korean arch; as sandstone is the foundation of Airdrie. The butterfly symbol of the City of Gwacheon is used for the central flowerbeds, the flag poles and the sitting area.




Miller Mural

What do you do with a tired old storage shed on a main drag in Airdrie? If you are thinking outside the box like Miller Trucking, who owns the building and site, you ask Creative Airdrie to find a local artist to turn it into a massive mural. Enter Zack Abbott and Graham Masters who transformed the 130? long building in to a lively, colourful and happy mural of waves and sunshine. 220 1st Ave NW.

The Cowboy and the Rooster

A staple for over 20 years, he not just any giant cowboy! He wears fabric clothes, not painted-on clothes. There is also a giant bull, a Tow Mater lookalike, a giant rooster, and a monster truck with a monster 5th wheel RV. At the Western RV Country in Airdrie. Western RV, 61 East Lake Ramp NE, Airdrie, AB T4A 2K4.

Iron Horse Miniature Railway park

The historic railway station may be gone, but a quick visit on Sunday to the Iron Horse Miniature Railway Park is a sure fire replacement. The miniature trains, track and landscape represent the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) from the prairies to the coast. Take the 1.6km interpretive journey aboard one of the 1/8th scale diesel or steam locomotives at the park and get a feeling of what the railway was like in Western Canada during the pioneer days.

Chinook Winds Regional Park - Windmills

Chinook Winds Regional Park is a destination for many locals and visitors alike. This park offers over 55 acres of developed parkland space and offers an abundance of activities for kids of all ages including baseball diamonds, skate park, beach volleyball, a playground and splash park. It is the with windmill light standards which make it a selfie-iconic opportunity. 

Airdrie's Water Feature pathways

Dotted along Airdrie's pathways and canal system, one can usually find a water treatment feature. These make the perfect backdrop to that serene family adventure, biking, walking or jogging the 140km of connect pathways found in the City or along the future Trans Canada Trail.

Canada 150 Mosaic Project - Airdrie

 For Canada's sesquicentennial birthday, an initiative from the Mural Mosaic team - creating 150 murals across Canada, landed in Airdrie. Spearheaded by Creative Airdrie during Artember 2017, 400 Airdrie residents took part in various painting workshops. Each painting told a story, and together, assembled into a large mural grid, magically transforming the paintings into a unified mosaic to represents Airdrie. This community project can be found at the Nose Creek Park concession. 


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