Airdrie YES Advisory Committee

In the fall of 2018, City Council endorsed the 2019-2023 Youth Engagement Strategy Framework. The strategy is intended to ensure that youth are able to participate in the community and have ownership in decisions that affect them, with the ultimate vision of Airdrie being a youth-friendly community.

A group of committed and dedicated stakeholders from various community groups and organizations formed an advisory committee, Airdrie YES (Youth Engagement Strategy) to facilitate and guide the implementation of the strategy over the next five years. To be successful this will need to be a community driven initiative and the City of Airdrie is excited to see an enthusiastic group, in the form of the YES Committee, take ownership at this very early stage in the strategy implementation process.

The strategy identifies many priority action items to help Airdrie become more youth-friendly. For 2019, the Airdrie YES Advisory Committee has committed to overseeing the implementation of the following priority action item: Building dialogue and collaboration between the City and youth-serving agencies and organizations on youth issues in Airdrie.

  • Compile an inventory list of youth-serving agencies and organizations
  • Create an annual forum, where representatives of youth-serving organizations and agencies can network, share information and discuss issues that matter to Airdrie’s youth 

If you would like to learn more about the strategy, please email .


The Youth-Services Inventory List

The Youth Inventory List was identified in the Youth Strategy as an essential tool to help Airdrie’s youth stay engaged and active within our community. This resource aims to inform and connect Airdrie youth and their families to local youth services through a central online map. View the Youth Inventory List here. 

If your organization wishes to be part of this online resource, please review the program collection form found on the website of the Youth Inventory List.


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