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The City acts as a partner with the e-scooter/e-bike providers that are approved to operate within the City through a Provincial exemption for e-scooter / e-bike operations. The City is running the pilot program to find out if this is a program residents would like and use, and the e-scooter providers are piloting our city as well, to test our market demand and viability.


The City defines micromobility as small, lightweight vehicles operating at speeds typically below 45 km/h and operated by the user. Examples of suitable micromobility modes include e-bikes, e-scooters, e-unicycles, e-skateboards, e-trikes, conventional bicycles and unicycles, conventional scooters, skateboards (including longboards), rollerblades and pedal-assisted electric bikes (PAEB).


E-scooter / e-bike sharing is a service in which shared e-scooters/e-bikes are made available for individuals to rent on a short-term basis. These shared e-scooters / e-bikes are provided for a fee and may operate in a docked (stationed) or dock less system. The pilot will be a dock less e-scooter/e-bike program, so the charging stations do not need to be installed on City land or infrastructure.


E-scooters/e-bikes will be allowed on sidewalks, pathways and City roadways with a posted speed limit of 30 km/h or less. E-scooters/e-bikes will not be permitted at skate parks or outside City limits. As a rule, please do not interfere with pedestrians or traffic while riding a shared e-scooter/e-bike. The max speed limit is 20km per hour with some higher traffic areas reduced to 5-10 km per hour.


When using an e-scooter/e-bike, riders are asked to respect pedestrians and those moving slower than you, use your bell to alert those you are approaching, don’t zig zag between pedestrians, and be cautious of those coming out of store fronts. Please note, that personal e-scooters are not permitted under the Provincial Traffic Safety Act to operate on City sidewalks or roadways. Personal e-scooters are permitted on City pathways only.

Helmets are not required, but are strongly encouraged.


Municipal Enforcement

Airdrie Municipal Enforcement has 10 Community Peace Officers that work out of the Municipal Police Building.  Officers are appointed by the Alberta Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security to perform a range of duties under the Peace Officer Act.  They are an integrated services with the Airdrie RCMP.

The role of the Municipal Enforcement Office is to enhance public safety within the City limits.  The overall focus of Airdrie Municipal Enforcement is to work to ensure high levels of compliance with our City Bylaws and several provincial statutes.

City of Airdrie Community Peace Officers work within Airdrie to provide the following services:

  • Investigate municipal bylaws and select provincial legislation complaints
  • Enforcement of municipal Bylaws
  • Enforcement of Province of Alberta statues, including but not limited to:
    • Traffic Safety Act
    • Gaming and Liquor Act
    • Tobacco Reduction Act
    • Prevention of Youth Tobacco Act
    • Enhanced Environment Act
    • Animal Protection Act
    • Dangerous Dog Act
  • Animal control duties
  • Assist RCMP, EMS, and Fire Services
  • Patrolling residential, commercial and industrial areas
  • Attend special events to assist in public safety and security
  • Deliver proactive safety programs to the community

Peace Officers operate fully marked patrol vehicles.

If you are calling after hours, please contact the Airdrie RCMP at 403.945.7267.


In Car Digital Video System

City of Airdrie Municipal Enforcement launched our In Car Digital Video System on March 28, 2018, after receiving funding approval by City Council in late 2016.

The new system includes video cameras inside all (five) Municipal Enforcement vehicles, at the front and the back of the car, and microphones worn by each officer. The microphones are trigger-based and work when the officer is both inside and outside the vehicle. The new system also includes recording decks in laptops and a new storage system for video files, which are uploaded to a secured server automatically.


The video and audio footage is uploaded automatically to the server (there is no manual uploading required for the files) and stored in a secure location. The files can only be accessed through a formal process to Municipal Enforcement or the Conduct of a Peace Officer through the Government of Alberta outlined below. The files are retained for three years or five years for court cases.

For any questions about the In Car Digital Video System, please contact us.


Filing a complaint & procedures

You can make a complaint online or call 403.948.8892.  Please note that Municipal Enforcement does not action anonymous complaints. Your information is kept confidential.  Enforcement Services personnel will collect your name, current address and phone number(s) as well as the following information:

  1. Date and time of the event / incident
  2. Type of event / incident
  3. Location and / or address of the event / incident
  4. General description of the event / incident

A Peace Officer will begin an investigation into your complaint and provide action as warranted, once it has been determined if there has or has not been a breach of legislation.  Actions taken may include notice for remedial measures (i.e. clean-up or removal of garbage at an unsightly property), verbal warning (to educate and mitigate the violator from continuing the breach of legislation) and / or charges laid (i.e. bylaw ticket, provincial violation ticket) if the Peace Officer decides the situation requires punitive measure.

There may be times when you will be asked to provide a sworn statement to the Peace Officer, as well as attending court.  The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) governs the collecting and dissemination of all personal information.   If you are required to attend court in regards to your complaint, your name may be provided to the defendant.

Complaints are handled both by priority and by the order in which they were received, to help ensure prompt attention for all residents of Airdrie.  Please ensure all submitted information is correct and complete especially the location or address of the reported complaint.

If due to call volume or other reason you do not reach a live person, please ensure you leave a detailed voice message about your enquiry or complaint.  This will help ensure your call is logged and an investigation is started in a timely fashion, in case we are unable to reach you when your call is returned.  For complaints submitted online, it may take up to two (2) business day for a response.



Did you know?  You can pay for many city services, including bylaw tickets, dog licenses, business licenses online using myAIRDRIE.

The City of Airdrie offers a number of convenient options for you to pay dog licenses, business licenses and bylaw tickets:

  1. My Airdrie Link myAIRDRIE
  2. In Person: cash / cheque / debit / credit cards
  3. By Phone: 403.948.8892
  4. After hours: drop box at City Hall

Please allow two business days of ticket issuance to pay for ticket.


Officer conduct complaints

The Peace Officer Act states that a complaint concerning the Conduct of a Peace Officer must be filed in writing to be considered a formal complaint. 

Policing is a public service and citizens have a right to fair and equitable treatment from the police.  Police realize that they must maintain a high level of public support in order to carry out their duties.  Although police services strive for a high degree of professionalism, there will be times when citizens feel they have not been treated fairly or equitably by a police officer and desire to lodge a complaint concerning the conduct of members in relation to the performance of their duties.

Please use the links below to find guidance on how to resolve a complaint concerning the Conduct of Peace Officer in Alberta and how to resolve a complaint against the RCMP in Alberta.

Complaint concerning The Conduct of a Peace Officer in Alberta

Complaint against the RCMP in Alberta


Contact us

Municipal Enforcement

P. 403.948.8892

F. 403.948.0619


Municipal Enforcement
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Airdrie, AB T4A 0R1

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Municipal Enforcement Administration Building Hours
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Municipal Enforcement Officer Hours
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