Animal licences

Own a cat or dog? You are required to purchase an animal licence when your dog or cat is three months old. This licence is valid for one year from the date of purchase, and will help ensure you are reunited with your pet if they are lost.

Renewals are sent one year after the date of purchase and every consecutive year after.

Animal licences can be purchased online through myAIRDRIE, or in person at City Hall (400 Main Street SE) or the Municipal Police Building (2 Highland Park NE).



  • $71/year for an un-spayed or un-neutered dog
  • $41/year for a spayed or neutered dog
  • $250/year for a vicious dog*
  • Tags are required for dogs that are being fostered but at no charge
  • Tags are required for service dogs but at no charge
  • $51/year for an un-spayed or un-neutered cat
  • $26/year for a spayed or neutered cat
  • Tags are required for cats that are being fostered but at no charge

*Note documentation required from a veterinarian. 


Lose your tag?

You can purchase a replacement tag for either a cat or dog is $10.

The animal licence replacement tag application can be completed online through myAIRDRIE, at City Hall or the Municipal Police Building.


Documents required to obtain a licence

  • Certificate confirming that your animal is spayed or neutered

Payment options

  • Pay for new licences and renewals online using myAIRDRIE
  • By credit card
  • Online through your bank using your license number located on the renewal
  • By phone to 403.948.8800 extension 7137