Summer parks maintenance during COVID-19

Every summer, the Parks department hires a number of staff for summer parks maintenance. Normally, the summer parks maintenance program consists of using hands-on equipment and training about 100 summer staff. They typically work in close contact, use shared equipment and are based out of two Parks facilities that operate at full capacity.

As a result of COVID-19, a number of outdoor recreation facility closures and operational modifications have been implemented to address public health requirements including: physical distancing, equipment sharing, equipment cleaning and facility occupancy. These operational modifications will allow Parks to deliver a core service level for the summer parks maintenance program, while ensuring the safety of our staff and the public. As a result of outdoor recreation facility closures and operational modifications, this summer, the Parks department has about 50 summer staff (including staff redeployed from other City departments), which is about half the staff normally employed for the summer parks maintenance program.

This reduction in staff will result in an accompanying overall service level reduction for summer 2020:

• The City’s tree-planting and downtown flower-hanging programs will be cancelled
• Sports fields will be mowed and irrigated (watered) less frequently (approximately every two weeks)  
• General parkland will be mowed less frequently (approximately every two weeks)
• Shrub beds will receive a single application of weed spraying and hand work (eg. weeding) will be eliminated
• Sports fields and parkland will be hand trimmed less frequently (approximately every three to four weeks)

As a result of the reduced summer staffing associated with the public health orders, there is a directly related cost-savings to taxpayers in the amount of approximately $1,000,000. This is beneficial during a time that the City has lost a significant amount of revenue because of COVID-19.

We ask for the public’s patience and understanding with respect to the reduced levels of service associated with the summer parks maintenance program this year due to COVID-19 impacts.



The Parks department strives to provide the community with beautifully landscaped and manicured parks and green spaces.

The Parks philosophy and role is to maintain public green spaces, outdoor recreational facilities and to ensure that a diverse parks system is maintained to the highest possible standard while ensuring opportunities for active and passive leisure that will enhance quality of life for individuals and the community.

The City of Airdrie Parks department offers residents approximately 1,500 acres of parkland and approximately 130 kilometres of paved pathways and 25 km of sidewalk within Airdrie, offering residents the opportunity to enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle. The City also offers many cultural, outdoor recreation and natural features within the parks spaces.

The Parks department works diligently to ensure all of our areas are well maintained, washrooms are stocked and outdoor structures are clean.

However, from time-to-time there may be an area that is overlooked. If you come across a green space or park that is in need of attention, please contact the Parks department to submit a service request. 

Please note

Although the parks and green spaces within Airdrie do not physically close, the hours of operation are from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. (as per Section 4 of the Parks Bylaw No. B-13/2009). Individuals using the pathways to travel through the park is permitted after 11 p.m., however, anyone found loitering after hours may be  asked to leave the park and in certain circumstances, may be fined.


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