Responsible pet ownership

The City of Airdrie has a Animal Control Bylaw No. B-33/2016 outlining the responsibilities of animal ownership. This is a brief overview of the bylaw.

Animal owners must:

  • Keep dog on a leash unless in a designated off-leash area
  • Purchase a dog licence once the dog is three months old
  • Make sure your dog’s license is on your dog at all times
  • Clean up after your dog
  • Purchase a cat licence 
  • Not allow cats to roam off your property

Animal must not:

  • bite anyone
  • injure anyone
  • chase, threaten or attack a person or animals
  • bark, howl or disturb anyone
  • cause damage to property or other animals
  • scatter garbage
  • wander into any swimming, bathing or splash pool/park that is provided for public use

Animal owners are responsible for:

  • picking up all feces produced by their dogs or cats both on and off their property
  • not owning more than three dogs and cats per household


Barking can be a major annoyance for your family and your neighbours. If your dog’s barking is an issue, you could try:

  1. Putting your dog in a private area of your yard away from neighbourhood noises
  2. Enrolling your dog in obedience classes
  3. Purchasing or renting a barking deterrent device through a pet store or your veterinarian
  4. Speaking with your veterinarian about other options

Dog barking complaints
Concerned about a barking dog? Contact Airdrie Municipal Enforcement for a dog barking package.


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