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Multi-family recycling and organics

A multi-family property includes residential condominiums, apartments and any residential building with multiple units that does not receive collection services by the City. It is mandatory for all multi-family properties to have a recycling program.

The building owner or manager is responsible for implementing the recycling program; this includes property managers and condo board associations. Individual residents are not responsible for implementing the program unless they own their unit and there is no condo board or property manager in place.

Download a copy of the multi-family guidebook.

Multi-family guidebook (pdf)

Organics pilot 

Starting Wednesday, May 31 food and pet waste can be brought to the Recycle Depot for disposal as part of the organics pilot for Multi-family properties.

The pilot may be cancelled at any time should  the program pose significant challenges or risks to operations, safety or contamination levels of organic material.

  • Material can be dropped off into  organics cubes during regular operating hours, Wednesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Residents are responsible for storing and transporting their own material. 
  • There is no fee for residents to use the program.
  • Plastic, yard waste and any other contaminants are not accepted.

Accepted Material

foodpaperpet wasteother
• leftovers (meat, fish, dairy, produce, breads)
• bones, shells, seeds, pits, peels
• sauces, jams, dressings
• cooking oils and fats (let hot oil & fat cool, absorb with paper first
• greasy pizza boxes, kraft paper bags
• napkins, paper towels, tissue
• parchment paper
• fast food paper products (paper hamburger wrapper, paper straw, french fry boxes)
• paper muffin liners
• paper egg cartons
• pet waste/ feces
• kitty litter bedding made of organic materials
• pet fur, hair, feathers
• pet food, treats
• coffee filter and ground, tea bags
• Popsicle sticks
• wooden skewers, stir sticks, toothpicks and chopsticks
• certified compostable bags

Organic material can be stored in compostable bags, paper bags, newspaper or loose. 

Acceptable compostable bags must have one of the below labels:

image of BPI certified compostable logo

Picture of certified compostable bag logo

Waste and recycling strategy

Multi-family properties must submit a waste and recycling strategy within 30 days of occupancy.

Submit your recycling strategy