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Airdrie's Economic Strategy 2018-2028

The City of Airdrie’s economic strategy sets a vision and outlines high-level priorities and actions to guide economic growth and sustainability over the next ten years.

The purpose of Airdrie’s Economic Strategy is to ensure our community maintains a high quality of life, prosperity for businesses and jobs for residents.

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Vision, goal & objectives

The strategy sets out this vision for Airdrie in 2028:
Airdrie’s small town feel, entrepreneurial ambition, and superior location make it the place to be for businesses and talent in Western Canada.

To realize this vision, and the goal to shift Airdrie’s tax base, the strategy outlines three objectives:

  • The Place to Be: Draw visitors, entrepreneurs and the best talent to Airdrie
  • Right for Business: Retain and grow Airdrie businesses and attract new investment
  • A Connected Community: Capitalize on Airdrie’s location and future technologies

Nine priorities and 11 key actions are identified in Airdrie's economic strategy to meet these objectives.

Based on community input

The strategy was developed over the course of two years and included engagement with residents, businesses and community organizations. In total, more than 1,500 points of contact were made with the community who shared their aspirations, frustrations and suggestions for Airdrie’s future.