Outdoor rinks

The Parks department maintains a total of five boarded rinks, four snow bank rinks as well as three natural ice surfaces. The Parks department floods outdoor rinks once the temperature drops to and maintains a constant -10 degrees Celsius for a minimum of one week.

Outdoor rink

The outdoor rinks are available for all residents to use and enjoy and are available on a first come first serve basis. The Parks department does not book out the rinks or ice surfaces. Remember to always skate with a partner and wear appropriate warm clothing and safety gear.

During winter months, natural surfaces will be plowed only when they measure between 10 inches to 12 inches.

Natural ice  surface measurements as of February 6, 2018:

Nose Creek Pond: 16"

Waterstone: 16"

Summerhill: 16"

Please view the Canadian Red Cross website for related ice and safety information.

Man-made ice surfaces

Snow bank rinks:

  • Fletcher Regional Park
  • Town and Country Centre Park
  • Plainsmen Arena
  • Windsong (Green space between Windstone Rd & Windstone Common SW)

Boarded rinks:

  • Bayside
  • Big Springs Cresent (Green space by Big Springs Crescent SE)
  • Chinook Winds Regional Park
  • East Lake Regional Park (Beside the Scout Hall)
  • Monklands Park

Please view the Map of outdoor rinks and ice surfaces to find an ice surface near you!


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