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Floating islands

As well as cleaning the water, the native plants and grasses on the floating islands provide habitat for insects and birds. The roots below the waterline of the islands supply a rich food source to fish and minnows, provide shade and cover from predators and increase oxygen levels in the water which is beneficial for fish and other aquatic organisms.


  • Enhance the environmental and biological health of the pond.
  • Floating Treatment Wetlands enhance aerobic processes such as nitrification, oxidation and the removal of ammonia.
  • Contributes to the beautification of the pond and surrounding dwellings.

Plant Species

  • Water sedge, spike rush, small flowered bulrush
  • Cattails, tufted hair grass
  • Baltic rush, Bebb’s sedge, Tall Manna grass
  • Blue flag iris, bog bean/buck bean
  • Milkweed, coneflower, vetch, aster
  • Sandbar willow and Salix lutea

This is a joint project between Water Services and Parks Departments