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Online Census software for municipalities

Online Census Software - Graphic of people and buildings - Census made easy. Convenient, cost-effective and can be customized to suit your needs to your budget.

Turn your data into dollars

Current, accurate population data ensures that your community receives maximum funds through population based granting opportunities from Federal and Provincial governments.

Find out what your community really wants

This award-winning tool has been specifically designed for municipal use. Our dedicated team will work with your municipal staff to create a package that suits your needs including custom reports, technical support, data storage in a secure Canadian facility and device rentals which include full cellular coverage at a price that fits your budget.

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How our Online Census software works

Take community engagement to the next level. Use Online Census for all your address based community engagement and information gathering exercises.


Residents receive a secure access code

A secure access code is used so the Census can generate current, accurate population data. Real-time reporting and audit features ensure data accuracy and integrity.


Residents answer questions online using the code

The average resident can complete the census survey in less than two minutes. Allowing residents to complete your census online eliminates paper forms and reduces the number of door-to-door visits required.


Wireless devices used for door-to-door data collection

For door-to-door data collection, wireless devices can be used. Once your data is collected, it can be coupled with existing surveys or feedback tools and can integrate with GIS for accurate community mapping.