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Payment transaction fees

As of July 8, 2024, a two per cent fee will be charged on credit card payments made to the City of Airdrie, and on Visa and Mastercard debit payments made online. 

Airdrie City Council approved the implementation of this fee on May 21, 2024, to help cover the cost of processing fees charged to the City by Canadian banks and payment networks such as Mastercard and Visa.

Customers can choose to use alternative payment methods including:

  • setting up automatic bank withdrawals on applicable services, such as making utility payments
  • making payments through your bank in person, online or by telephone
  • paying in-person using cash, cheque or debit

Where to expect the service fee

The service fee will be applied to all online payments, and in-person credit card payments for the following:

  • Accounts receivable invoice payments
  • Fire burn permits
  • Rain barrel purchases
  • Tax certificates
  • One time utility payments
  • Pre-authorized utility payments on credit card
  • Waste and recycling business/farm use
  • Business licenses
  • Animal licenses
  • Animal tag replacements
  • Bylaw ticket payments
  • Building permits
  • Re-inspection fees
  • Bert Church LIVE Theatre ticket sales
  • Planning and development fees

The service fee does not apply to payments for:

  • Genesis Place passes and programs
  • Bert Church LIVE Theatre performing arts classes
  • Facility bookings at the Town and Country Centre, Bert Church LIVE Theatre and Genesis Place
  • Parks bookings