Comparing your Assessment

Compare your assessment to that of other properties similar in size, age, quality, condition and location.

What tools are available to compare property assessments in Airdrie?

  • Below, the assessment value search tool allows you to search for the assessed value of any property in Airdrie, type in any address below to start your search
  • Documents related to the 2022 Assessment notices:
    • Assessment Shift Report: provides specific details of how property assessments have shifted within each neighbourhood on average over the previous year, for each property type
    • Residential Sales document displays a list of sales that occurred in Airdrie during the 3 year valuation period
After you have compared your new assessment to its previous year’s market value and to the assessment of similar neighbouring properties, if you still have questions or concerns, contact the Assessment department.

Why is my property assessment higher than my neighbours?
  • Do you have the same type of home (two storey vs bungalow)?
  • Do you have the same unit type in condominiums (i.e. townhouse, apartment, basement unit, end unit, penthouse unit, etc.)
  • Are your homes the same square footage?
  • Are the lot sizes the same?
  • Is your home newer or have you had recent renovations?
  • Do you have more builder upgrades or custom finishes compared to your neighbour? 
  • Do you both have a garage or basement development?
  • Does your neighbour back directly onto a main traffic corridor or greenspace that you do not?
  • Does your neighbour have views (mountain view, etc.)?
  • Is there outside property features that your neighbour backs onto (greenspace, waterway, train, etc.)
Any or all of these factors can come into play when determining your home’s assessed value.

Assessment Value Search

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