Wondering if it's an organics pick up week or not?

Stop guessing and start using the waste notifications feature on MyAirdrie. Through your MyAirdrie account, select the 'notifications' tab. You'll have the ability to set personalized notifications for weekly text or email reminders about waste collection days. Even better, if something happens to delay collection in your area, we'll send you a quick note with instructions on when your pick up with occur

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What's in Our Garbage?

The City of Airdrie conducted a waste audit in September 2017 to find out how we’re doing when it comes to recycling and composting. We learned that over 50% of what is going into the garbage can either be composted or recycled through our curbside collection programs.



Learn what goes where for recycling, organics and garbage.


Use of recycling facilities

City of Airdrie recycling facilities including the Airdrie Transfer Site are subsidized* through an environmental fee paid by Airdrie and Rocky View County residents (additional fees apply at the Transfer Site.)

*Business use of our facilities is not permitted as businesses do not contribute to this funding.

What do we do?
Waste & Recycling Services provides residents with options for managing their residential/household waste through services and education, considering environmental, social and economic impacts.

The department is responsible for:

  • residential garbage collection
  • residential organics collection
  • operation of the Eastside and Westside Recycle Depots
  • operation of the waste transfer site
  • coordination of Multi-family Recycling Education Program
  • education specific to waste diversion and recycling
  • Eco Youth Awards
  • various other events and initiatives

For full details on Waste & Recycling, view the revised waste management bylaw


Contact us

P. 403.948.0246

F. 403.948.8819


Eastside Recycle Depot
21 East Lake Hill
Airdrie, AB T4A 2K3
Transfer site
Seven km west on Highway 567, next to the rodeo grounds.