Current events & reminders

October is Circular Economy Month!

Reduce your waste and rethink your buying habits. By following some of the tips below you can create long-term savings and environmental impacts that will benefit the world around you.

  • Purchase products without packaging 
    • i.e., produce not wrapped in plastic
    • use a reusable mug, straw, cutlery
  • refuse packaging you don't need
    • i.e., napkins, flyers, single-use bags
  • Repair products instead of disposing of them
    • i.e., repair broken components on your dishwasher vs. buying new 
  • Borrow or rent (instead of owning) equipment that you don't use very often
    • i.e., sewing machines, borrow a specialized cake pan
  • Buy quality over quantity
    • i.e., good quality clothes last longer instead of fast-fashion


Choose your own adventure - food reduction workshop - registration coming soon

Thursday, Oct. 20
5:30 - 7 p.m.

Learn how to reduce food waste and use up ingredients in your fridge at this interactive workshop at the Airdrie Food Bank.

Max capacity of 10 people. Open to kids and adults.


Bike Sales & Donations

End of season sale - all bikes $5

Payment by credit or debit only, NO CASH

  • Ends this Sunday, Oct. 2 (Wed-Sun, 9AM-5PM) at Recycle Depot

  • Donated bikes need to be in usable condition (broken bikes to Transfer Site)

  • Have you lost your bike? Contact Waste and Recycling Services
  • Bikes sold are "as is"
  • No refunds or exchanges
  • Bike drop off will be closed until spring 2023 after Sunday October 2

The City does not inspect the bikes recovered nor have any knowledge of, or warrants the condition the bikes are in. Therefore, the bikes are sold “as is” with no liability on the part of the City. Furthermore, the purchaser, by paying the nominal fee, waives any rights or claims against the City and becomes solely responsible.

The bike program is offered so residents may enjoy bikes at an affordable cost. Resale for profit is not the intent of the program and is not permitted. Staff reserve the right to refuse sales or donations at their discretion.


Waste and Recycling tips:

Don't know where to dispose of an item?

Access our waste and recycling guide or use our cart smart tool.

Write your address on your cart so you can get the right cart back if it blows away!

Check your cart number on our cart map.
Enter your address in the search bar, zoom in and click the blue dot to see the cart serial number associated with your house.

If the numbers don’t match, please contact Waste & Recycling at and provide your current cart serial numbers.

  • Large branches, stumps, excess leaves and grass go to the Transfer Site (fees apply)
  • Clean, tape-free packaging polystyrene (material that packages electronics, furniture & toys etc.) can be recycled at the Recycle Depot
  • All food related polystyrene foam (meat trays, egg cartons and cups) and film is garbage
  • Electric power tools are accepted at the Recycle depot; gas powered tools or units with freon are not accepted (bring these to the Transfer Site)
  • The following items are garbage: (please do not place in your carts or bring them to the Recycle Depot)
    • VHS, CD's & DVD's
    • Plastic straws & single use cutlery
    • LED (plastic) lightbulbs
    • Meat trays
    • Broken, non-electronic toys
    • Chip bags, snack wrappers
    • Household glass (mugs, dishes, decorations, mirrors)Broken glass is to be placed in a labelled, sealed container next to your garbage bag on garbage collection day in order to protect the safety of workers
  • Please pre-sort your material prior to arriving at Recycle Depot to allow for an easy visit
  • Green and blue cart contents (except shredded paper and stretchy plastic) need to be loose
  • Plastic bags need to stretch in order to be recycled; bundle and place in blue cart
  • Greasy pizza boxes belong in the green organics cart, remove any non-food items such as plastic dipping sauce containers before disposing
  • Fun Fact: boxes will break down with food & yard waste to help make compost!

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Missed Collection?
Was your blue cart, green cart or garbage not collected? Check your cart if there is an oops tag on it.

Contact us at or 403-948-0246 with your address and what service was not collected (recycling, organics or garbage)

Please Note: Carts & bags need to be out by 7:00 AM on their collection day and properly placed in order to be collected. Please check to see if a tag has been left on your cart or bag stating the reason why it was not collected. 


Contact us

P. 403.948.0246

F. 403.948.8819


Recycle Depot
21 East Lake Hill
Airdrie, AB T4A 2K3
Transfer site
Seven km west on Highway 567, next to the rodeo grounds.


Recycle Depot hours
Monday, Tuesday
Wednesday to Saturday, Sunday
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Transfer Site summer hours
Monday to Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
8 a.m. - 8 p.m.