Airdrie real estate

The real estate market is thriving in Airdrie. With a growing population and large regional trading area, Airdrie is home to a dynamic and growing retail and professional services sector, ranging from large box stores to small independent boutiques.


Business & properties for sale

To search local business opportunities visit the Airdrie Business Zone or contact a local realtor.


Airdrie lease rates

Commercial Lease Rate Ranges (per sq. ft.)

Tenant TypePoor FairAverage Good Excellent Average Operating Costs
Retail $8  $12 to $25  $16 to $31 $21 to $38 $28 to $46 $8 to $13
Office None  $18 $16 to $21  $15 to $24 $18 to $26 $5 to $8
Restaurant/Fast Food None  $12 $13  $25 to $32 $30 to $42 $10 to $35

Industrial Lease Rate Ranges (per sq. ft.)

Tenant TypeFair AverageGoodAverage
Operating Costs
Condo Bays $10 to $16 $10 to $20 $11 to $24 $3 to $6
Industrial Office $4 $6 to $10 $8 to $18 $3 to $8
Warehouse $6 to $7 $6 to $11 $7.50 to $13 $2 to $6

Source: City of Airdrie Assessment January 2021

*The above noted lease ranges are pursuant to the municipal government act utilizing typical market conditions in the municipality.
**The above noted lease ranges do not include additional operational cost that may occur.

For more information about non-residential property assessment, click here.

Office & Retail Development

In 2015 Airdrie Economic Development undertook an Office and Retail Market Growth Study to identify the current retail and office markets in Airdrie while considering factors affecting both markets for the next 15 years. For findings, contact us.


Vacancy study

As of 2020, the city has an overall non-residential vacancy rate of 4.84 per cent.

View the 2020 Vacancy Study Results.


Real estate agencies

Airdrie-based commercial real estate firms

Source: City of Airdrie Business directory


City-owned property

The City of Airdrie currently does not have any commercial or industrial property for sale.


Land development & building permits

Depending on the type of development you are undertaking, you will need to consider the City of Airdrie's permits and regulations for your property.

A good place to start is BizPaL, an online business permits and license information service. BizPaL will provide you with a customized list of the local, provincial and federal permits you need for your new development or expansion project.


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