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development oppsThe real estate market is thriving in Airdrie and we continue to cultivate commerce, industrial and employment growth.

Steady growth and market activity has proven pent-up demand, resulting in the City providing opportunity and capacity for redevelopment and speculative construction in all of our land use districts.

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Airdrie Economic Development


Lease Rates

Commercial Lease Rate Ranges (per sq. ft.)

Tenant TypePoor FairAverage Good Excellent Average Operating Costs
Retail $8  $12 to $25  $16 to $31 $21 to $38 $28 to $46 $8 to $13
Office None  $18 $16 to $21  $15 to $24 $18 to $26 $5 to $8
Restaurant/Fast Food None  $12 $13  $25 to $32 $30 to $42 $10 to $35

Industrial Lease Rate Ranges (per sq. ft.)

Tenant TypeFair AverageGoodAverage
Operating Costs
Condo Bays $10 to $16 $10 to $20 $11 to $24 $3 to $6
Industrial Office $4 $6 to $10 $8 to $18 $3 to $8
Warehouse $6 to $7 $6 to $11 $7.50 to $13 $2 to $6

Source: City of Airdrie Assessment January 2021

*The above noted lease ranges are pursuant to the municipal government act utilizing typical market conditions in the municipality.
**The above noted lease ranges do not include additional operational cost that may occur.

For more information about non-residential property assessment, click here.


City-owned property

At this time the City does not have any commercial or industrial property for sale.

If and when the City identifies a surplus of land holdings and Council chooses to list them, they will be advertised here. 


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