Stormwater System

The stormwater management system in Airdrie is made up of a network of underground storm mains and above ground Storm Water Management Facilities including swales and stormwater ponds. Stormwater is collected and released from the system in a controlled matter in order to protect infrastructure and ultimately Nose Creek. The City of Airdrie conducts ongoing stormwater quality monitoring to identify trends and minimize adverse effects on the Nose Creek watershed.



Bayside Water Feature

The Bayside water feature (creek, waterfall) is experiencing an electrical malfunction. Maintenance is underway but we do not currently have an estimated time of return to service.


Catch basins

Catch basins collect stormwater runoff from rain and melting snow. They are storm system entry points located on the periphery of streets fitted with steel grates to ensure large items do not enter the storm system. When catch basins become blocked with debris or snow and ice, flooding may result.

If you notice a blocked or damaged catch basin, flooding in the street, or overland flooding please contact us.



Swales are located on some private properties either along the back fence and/or side of the property. It the responsibility of the homeowner to keep the swale clear and free of snow, ice and debris. Please check your swale frequently and remove all snow, ice and debris that may have accumulated.

In addition to clearing your swale of snow/ice/debris, please:

  • Avoid planting shrub/tree materials near the swale
  • Do not put pavers/landscaping materials on top of the concrete swale
  • Do not use rock, fencing materials or netting to block swale leading into adjacent properties (you can buy appropriate swale blockers at a hardware store to prevent your pets from leaving)

Sump Pumps

What is a sump pump? It is a pump used to remove water that has accumulated in a water-collecting basin commonly found in your basement. It pushes water outside your home and drains onto your property.

Correct placement for your sump pump hose

  • Drain away from your home, onto a grassy area or permeable surface that way the water is absorbed.
  • Water from the sump pump may be used to water grass, trees and shrubs found on your property.
  • Continue to move the hose so you do not overwater one specific area.

Incorrect placement for you sump pump hose

  • Onto lanes or streets
  • Onto sidewalks or catch basins
  • Floor drain in your home
  • Neighbouring properties
  • Stormwater ponds
  • Greenspaces or natural areas

Quick Facts

  • All water in the street eventually goes into Nose Creek
  • Storm water travels in underground pipes as well as overland before entering the system
  • The City of Airdrie maintains about 225 kilometres of storm sewer line
  • There are 3,276 storm system manholes and 2,546 catch basins

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