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Whether your child is a budding thespian, or working on building confidence, Performing Arts Classes for Kids (PACK) is a great program! PACK allows for kids and youth to learn about drama and themselves in a safe environment by a professionally trained instructor. Participants will learn theatre techniques such as projection, breathing, movement; performance skills, such as memorization, blocking, character development; and improv skills. Individual and group participation is key, and our instructor understands that while a little structure is important for safety, theatre and drama subsists on creativity and imagination. PACK kids and youth are encouraged to explore and challenge their own abilities, and to allow themselves to be challenged.

Instructor Kim Cheel has a BA in Drama, and is an award-winning playwright, a published author and has worked with kids and youth in Airdrie for many years. She believes strongly in the confidence exposure to the theatre arts can give kids and youth that extends beyond the stage. Participation in PACK classes has led to stronger reading comprehension skills, improved group dynamic skills, and excellent stage presence.

There will be three separate sessions offered this season per group.

Junior group (age 7-10)
Regular class every Monday (holiday and event dependent)
Cost $205 per student/session

Classes are offered:

September 8 - November 7

November 14 - January 30

February 6 - April 10

Senior group (age 11-16)
Regular class every Tuesday (holiday and event dependent)
Cost $205 per student/session

Classes are offered:

September 6 - November 8 

November 15 - January 31

February 7 - April 11 



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Full payment is required at time of registration. Minimum 15 / Maximum 20 Registrants per session. BCT reserves the right to cancel camps if the minimum registration is not met.

Camp registrations are non-refundable unless the camp is cancelled due to numbers.



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