Children and youth programs

Preschool and Children's programs

Genesis Place offers parent and child programs for children as young as 16 months.

Physical Literacy; we all know that you have to be able to walk before you can run, but did you know that you have to be able to hop before you can skip or balance before you can kick? Our programs focus on early physical literacy skills through games and activities to promote fun and enjoyment of an active lifestyle later on in life. If your preschooler is independent, there are a variety of classes that incorporate movement, balance, fun and discovery.

Click here to learn more about preschool and children's programs and remember to register early as minimum numbers need to be met prior to program start date.

Fitness-based youth SCHOOL YEAR programs

Youth Strength Training Certification (12 – 15 years)

In this group course, a personal trainer will cover topics related to form a technique, program design, anatomy, warm-up and cool down options and the general effects of exercise. Upon completing the course the youth will have full understanding of guidelines and etiquette of the fitness centre and will be allowed to use the fitness centre on future visits without parental supervision (passes or regular drop-in fees apply)

There are two options to complete this program:
1. Book a one-on-one session with a personal trainer by calling 403.948.8804
ext. 5518. Cost $54 or $80 (two participants) or
2. Register for a group session, only $27 per session


GLOGA “Glow in the Dark Yoga” (9 - 12 years) 

Join us  each week and work on your yoga practice. Make sure you wear your brightest clothes so you can glow and move. No experience necessary.


Kranked "Indoor Cycling" (10 - 12 years)

A heart and leg pumping workout designed just for youth. All aspects of indoor cycling from proper bike set up to building endurance and confidence will be taught in a safe environment.


DANCEPL3Y (dance-play) KIDS (classes for 5 - 8 yr olds and 9 - 12 yr olds)

DANCEPL3Y (dance-play) KIDS is a high-energy physical activity program that “plays” with dance while promoting positive mental health through the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself. Kids love learning simple moves from a variety of styles – Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, Bollywood, Lyrical, Jazz/Funk as they get interACTIVE with their peers. The internationally accredited, award-winning program is developed by an international team of Physical Education and children’s fitness experts to address the physical, social, emotional and creative growth and development of children and youth.


 FUNdamentals Sports Skills (classes for 5 - 8 yr olds and 9 - 12 yr olds)

Have fun with FUNdamental skills used in all sorts of different sports! THis class will focus on the skills used in a variety of different sports,break then down into easy steps to master them and then put them together into action with some game play. The basic physical literacy skills needed for a life of activity include running, catching throwing, kicking and passing. We will have FUN with all of them


Just Dance @ Genesis (classes for 5 - 8 yr olds and 9 - 12 yr olds)

Join us on the dance floor as we mix it up with different dance formats weekly for those who love music, movement and choreography! Get your dance floor diva on with Zumba, dance fitness, cardio drumming, and more. No dance experience required at all. We will show you everything you need to get funky and throw it all down on the dance floor!


NEW Fitness Centre and track age guidelines

We know youth were looking for more opportunities to be active in our Fitness Centre and track and we've responded with new age guidelines  effective July 1, 2019.

Supervised Full Access

• 10-15 year olds require active adult 18+ supervision at all times.

Unsupervised Full Access

• 12-15 year olds that have completed youth strength training certification course.
• 16+ full access  


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