Filing an Assessment Complaint

Before filing a complaint/appeal, please discuss your concerns with a City assessor. They may be able to correct the record or make an appointment to visit your property. If the Assessment department is not able to explain or correct your concern, you can file a formal complaint against your assessment with the Assessment Review Board (ARB).

The Assessment Review Board Clerk must receive your written complaint no later than the date provided on the assessment notice.

To avoid penalties you must pay your taxes by the due date even if you have filed a complaint. 

*Please note that an assessment complaint is not an appeal for lower taxes.


How do I file an Assessment complaint?

All complaints must be made through the Assessment Review Board Complaint Form. It must include: 

  • Why you think the information or assessed value shown on your assessment notice is incorrect
  • What you believe to be the correct information (If you disagree with the assessed value, indicate what you believe the assessed value should be)
  • The filing fee noted on your property assessment notice 
  • The date and outcome of the discussion you had with an assessor. If you did not speak with an assessor, please specify why

An agent may file a complaint on your behalf if you complete an Agent Authorization Form and include it with your complaint. 

Complaints with an incomplete complaint form, complaints submitted after the filing deadline or complaints without the required filing fee are invalid.

Complaint forms and filing fees may be emailed to or dropped off at:

c/o Clerk of the Assessment Review Board
City of Airdrie
400 Main Street SE
Airdrie, AB  T4B 3C3

For more information, refer to Municipal Affairs - Assessment Complaints and Appeals web page. 


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