Dry land fitness schedule

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Reservations are required and are available to book up to one week in advance. Drop in attendance may be permitted if space is available and must be confirmed by a Customer Service Representative.

Please note:
• Please arrive on time - this will give you adequate time to set up and check in with instructor prior to class beginning.
• Wash and sanitize your hands before and after your visit.
• All personal items must be secured in a locker. Please disinfect lockers before and after use.
• Please clean equipment before and after use with cleaning supplies provided.
• Yoga classes – Please bring your own mat and any other props you wish to use.
• Cancellation policy in effect – No shows may result in loss of ability to pre-book classes

 *Note: Classes are open to individuals ages 13+ (youth ages 13-15 yrs must be accompanied by an adult in class). Schedule is subject to change.



Classes we may offer

Barre Sculpt: Barre Sculpt combines ballet barre, cardio, flexibility, strength training, and resistance training to tone, increase core stability, and build endurance. Weighted bars, Sliders, resistance bands, and bender balls are added to work out the entire body.

Bonebuilders (50+): Strengthen your bones and prevent fall related injuries in this strength, core and balance class.

Chisel’d: This muscle conditioning class will sculpt and shape your body. Use a variety of equipment to burn fat and build lean muscle.

Core and More: This 45 minute strength class will focus on using a variety of equipment and and exercises, strengthening your core 360 degrees.

CSI (Cardio, Strength, Intervals): Investigate this high energy class where your overall fitness level will be challenged with cardio drills, strength, endurance and balance building.

Cycle: This class is great for all levels. A high energy cardio workout on the bike with a mix of hills, sprints and intervals will leave you energized and drenched in sweat.

Explosive Strength:
Using compound movements, you will increase your heart rate and work up a sweat without the need for cardiovascular training.

Hatha Yoga: This class is suited for all levels and is designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance through gentle yoga poses and breath awareness.

HIIT Hybrid: Simple in design but the workout never gets boring. Short bursts of high intensity training  are used to stimulate results.

Gentle Body Flow: This Hatha based stretch class class is for all levels. It uses aseries of gentle stretching poses, breath awareness and relaxation.

Restorative Yoga: This once adult registered program is now drop-in! Enjoy gentle, supported poses, focusing on the spine, hips and shoulders. Take time to unravel hidden tensions in the mind and body.

Roll Recover and Recharge: Blend strength training, stretching, and foam rolling techniques to roll the stress away. Improve your posture, and mobility and revitalize your balance and flexibility. Massage and soothe tired muscles, release tension throughout your body and leave feeling refreshed and recharged!

SHiNE Dance: Love to DANCE? This is a full body workout that incorporates dance + fitness moves in a high energy, confidence boosting class! Dance experience not required, come as you are and leave feeling like you rocked it!

Sit and be Fit (50+): This class focuses on stretching, aerobics, strength training and balance. It will improve flexibility, muscle and bone strength, circulation, heart health and stability.

Step & Strength: This class incorporates a combination of choreographed and non-choreographed step exercise, strength and conditioning with weights.

Strength 60: This hour of power pairs dynamic music and a motivating group atmosphere to get your heart rate up, make you sweat and push you to a personal best! Combining traditional strength exercises with barbells, weight plates and your own body weight, you will be fitter and stronger and one-step closer towards reaching your goals.

Triple A: Calling Adults of All Abilities! Do you get tired easily with activity? Have trouble putting your socks on? Do you worry about falling? Join this group workout led by a personal trainer to become functionally independent. Whether you have a chronic condition, are an older adult or have mobility issues this class is for you.

Zumba: Hit the dance floor with our certified Zumba instructor. Latin music is fused with easy to follow dance moves that provide a calorie burning and body energizing class.



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