Aquatic fitness schedule

Aquatic fitness is not available at this time. Updates will be shared with our community when the Province of Alberta permits the resumption of these activities in response to COVID-19.

To ensure physical distancing, Group Fitness class sizes are limited.

• Class booking opens 7 days in advance and is required to attend. Registration can be done online (see below for class options and details), by phone at 403.948.8804 or in person at Customer Service.
• When you arrive for class, check in with one of Customer Service desk staff and confirm you attendance for the class. You will also be required to scan you card for entry. If you do not have a pass you will be required to pay a drop in fee.
• Due to space limitations we do enforce a no-show/cancellation policy for our fitness class reservations. Late entries are not permitted into class.

*Note: Drop-in classes are open to individuals ages 13+ (youth ages 13-15 yrs must be accompanied by an adult in class). Schedule is subject to change.

List of current classes we offer.

Aqua Yoga: Aqua yoga is a gentle and very low impact aquatic activity. This program takes principles and movements of Yoga and adapts them to the water. With the release of gravity, the body is able to find the optimum stretch and by using the rhythm of the breath, an inner sense of relaxation can be achieved. This class takes place in the Leisure Pool.

Aquafit: Do you want to burn fat, increase strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance? This class is recommended for those who want to work hard and is appropriate for all swimming levels. This class takes place in the Lane Pool.

Deep water workout: This is a water fitness class incorporating the buoyancy and resistance of water to challenge your cardiovascular system and muscle groups by using intervals and endurance training. The exercises are done while wearing a flotation belt in deep water. Swimming skills are not necessary. This class is held in the Dive Tank.

Fit over 50 H20: Want to stay young at heart? This aquatic fitness class is for the 50+ enthusiast. Use water resistance to improve your cardio, strength and flexibility. This class takes place in the Leisure Pool.

H20 Boot Camp: Lets take boot camp to the water! Maximize the properties of water combined with strength, endurance, and agility training to challenge your body to the next level in this high intensity H20 boot camp. This class is performed in deep water with the use of a flotation belt. This class is held in the Dive Tank.

Gentle Deep Water Workout: This 45 min. aquatic fitness class will be held in the deep end of the leisure pool and is designed to provide opportunity for those who cannot withstand the temperature or the intensity of Deep water workout classes. This class will be ideal for participants looking to focus more on range of motion, movement and alignment.

Aqua Intervals: a shallow water fitness class that includes circuit training to challenge your cardiovascular system and all muscle groups. This class maximizes your body's ability to work by utilizing the principles of water, as well s different types of equipment.




Aquatics drop-in schedule

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