Aquatic fitness schedule

No classes Sep 1-3, 2018.

Fit over 50: Want to stay young at heart? This aquatic fitness class is for the 50+ enthusiast. Use water resistance to improve your cardio, strength and flexibility. This class takes place in the Leisure Pool.

Aquafit: Do you want to burn fat, increase strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance? This class is recommended for those who want to work hard and is appropriate for all swimming levels. This class takes place in the Lane Pool.

Deep water workout: Only 20 spots available - a hand stamp or wristband may be required and given out at Customer Service 1 hour prior to class start. This is a non-weight bearing class that is easy on the joints. Participants should be comfortable in deep water with a flotation belt as this class takes place in the Dive Tank.

*Note: Drop-in classes are open to individuals ages 13+ (youth ages 13-15 yrs must be accompanied by an adult in class). Schedule is subject to change.



Aquatics drop-in schedule

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