Plan a block party

A neighbourhood party (block party) is an opportunity for neighbours to get together, meet each other and have some fun. 

Connecting neighbours leads to positive individual and community well-being.  As friendships grow, so do safe, caring and inclusive neighbourhoods that create an overall sense of belonging.

Use our Neighbourhood Block Party Guide for information on planning and implementing a block party.

Looking to plan a neighbourhood block party on City Property (road, cul-de-sac, or neighbourhood park)?  Please complete the Neighbourhood Block Party Application Form.


Ten reasons to have a block party

  1. Have fun — no excuse or reason is needed to celebrate
  2. Meet your neighbours and celebrate your community
  3. Increase your sense of belonging to the community
  4. Organize initiatives such as a block parent program
  5. Make connections
  6. Meet a neighbour who can help you with gardening tips
  7. Organize a babysitting co-op or share walking to school duties
  8. Take action/share ideas to plan a campaign for traffic slowdown, better lighting, a new neighbourhood park or other residents' concerns
  9. Use the street for the day to rollerblade, play hockey or dance
  10. Meet some of the long-term residents in the neighbourhood and learn about its history

Planning your block party

  • The idea of a neighbourhood block party is to bring people together, so why not invite some neighbours to help out with the planning?
  • Decide what type of party would be best: barbecue, picnic, potluck or catered event?
  • Start with a smaller event and grow it over the years.
  • Use natural neighbourhood boundaries (such as end of the block or everyone in the cul-de-sac) when determining who to invite.
  • Find a location. If you choose to host it on the street, or in a park or alley, you will need to complete a Neighbourhood Block Party Application form Contact Community Development at 403-948-8800 for more information.  If the party is held on private property like a backyard or a garage no application is required.
  • Decide on a date and time for your Block Party and inform neighbours in the area.
  • At the event, name tags are great for helping everyone to get to know each other.

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