Community engagement

Airdrie citizens are encouraged to voice their opinions, thoughts and ideas about city services and our community. Residents are welcome to attend Council meetings, open forums and participate in surveys that let Council members know what you are thinking on a number of topics.

Upcoming engagement opportunities

New Cannabis Legislation

In April 2017, the Government of Canada introduced legislation to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis. This legislation is expected to come into effect in the late summer/early fall of 2018.

The federal legislation will:

  • allow adults to possess up to 30 grams of legally-produced cannabis
  • allow adults to grow up to four cannabis plants per household
  • set the minimum age for purchase and use at 18 years of age, with the option for provinces to increase the age limit
  • enable a regulatory regime for the licensed production of cannabis, which would be controlled by the federal government
  • enable a regulatory regime for the distribution and sale of cannabis, which would be controlled by the provincial government
  • establish new provisions to address drug-impaired driving, as well as making several changes to the overall legal framework to address alcohol impaired driving

The new legislation covers oils, vapours and smoking of cannabis. It does not yet include edibles.

For information on what aspects of the legalization each level of government is responsible for, visit the Federal Government website

What Airdrie can determine 

Each municipality is responsible for determining:

  • retail locations and operating rules
  • rules around public consumption
  • and land use/zoning bylaws

Sharing your thoughts

There are a number of ways you can share your thoughts on cannabis in Airdrie

  • Take the online survey between April 25 - May 6
  • Participate in the telephone survey if called between April 13-22 (we call a random sampling) 
  • Find us at the Home & Lifestyle Show on April 28 & 29
  • Join us at an open house May 9 from 6-8pm at City Hall
  • Participate in one of three focus groups. 
    • Tuesday May 1, 6-8 pm
    • Thursday May 3, 10am - noon
    • Monday, May 14, 6-8pm

To express your interest in participating in a focus group, please email with your name, contact information, date you would like to attend and also include which of the following groups you represent such as resident of airdrie, potential cannabis retail owner, current unrelated business owner in Airdrie, current related business owner (alcohol, tobacco products), land developer, owner of a non-residentail development, or investor).  


April 15 - May 15 Public Consultation - information gathering
May 15- June 1 Analysis of input
Mid June Report to Council and public on findings
July Present draft ammended bylaws for Council review


Engagement Results

Curious about the results of past engagement opportunities?

Cultural Master Plan Survey
As part of the public engagement process of the Cultural Master Plan, the City of Airdrie and a community steering committee worked with Catherine Cole and Associates to develop a survey which will help prioritize efforts for arts, culture and heritage planning for the next 6-8 years. The survey ended on April 15. The results of this research along with the survey will be presented to Council later this year.

Housing Assessment
The City of Airdrie has commissioned a study to review the full spectrum of housing needs in Airdrie. The resulting housing strategy will look at what is needed to understand the types of housing that exists and gaps between community needs and housing options. A draft report is currently being developed and will be presented to the Airdrie Community Services Board and to City Council in April.

Fitness Centre Redesign
Genesis Place staff held six open house events in February of 2017 to discuss potential changes to the Fitness Centre layout. The results will be available in March of 2017.

Youth Needs Assessment
The City commissioned a research study to engage youth in identifying the needs and wants of the youth population living in the Airdrie community. Approximately 450 Airdrie youth have been engaged in the process to date through survey responses and participating in focus groups. A draft report is currently being developed and will be presented to the Airdrie Community Services Board and to City Council in April.

Genesis Place Satisfaction Survey
The City of Airdrie worked with Banister Research & Consulting Ltd. to conduct a Genesis Place Satisfaction Survey that ended January 6, 2017. Survey results will be available the spring of 2017.

Family Violence Survey
The City of Airdrie commissioned a research study to ask residents about their thoughts and ideas around family violence in the community. Over the past three months a wide range of Airdrie residents, agencies and organization have participated in surveys and focus groups to share their information and feelings about domestic violence in the City. A final report is currently being completed and will be presented to the Airdrie Community Service Board and to Council in April.

Organic and recycling cart size
The City of Airdrie is considering offering two options of cart sizes for residents to choose from for the green organics carts and blue recycling carts (coming Spring 2017). To help determine whether providing two choices of cart size is desirable to our residents, the City conducted a survey. The results of the cart size survey showed 22% of residents would like a smaller green cart but that number dropped to 9% when a fee of $20-$40 would be charged. As well, it showed 94% of residents would like the large size blue cart. 

Animal Control Bylaw
Between the Fall of 2014 and October 2016, the City of Airdrie held 6 open houses, a survey, and gathered feedback at the Home and Lifestyle show regarding the proposed Animal Control Bylaw. Over that time, Municipal Enforcement presented four drafts of the proposed bylaw each updated based on public input and Council's input. Council passed the new bylaw in October 2016. 


Ways to engage with the City of Airdrie

Initiative-based surveys
We utilize surveys developed in-house and through collaborations with consultants to determine how our residents feel about particular issues. In 2014, we conducted surveys on recycling, snow and ice removal and curbside organics recycling. These survey results are presented in Council meetings.

In addition, each January the City of Airdrie conducts a random telephone Citizen Satisfaction Survey. If you receive a call for the survey, we hope you'll take the time to respond and let us know how you feel about the services the City provides.

Council meetings
Council meetings are held on the first and third Mondays of each month at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers at City Hall. If the Monday is a statutory holiday, the meeting will be held on Tuesday. Council agendas are posted the Thursday evening before the meeting.

Community Needs Assessment
Every three years Community Services polls Airdrie citizens, to assist the City in completing a Community Needs Assessment (CNA). The CNA helps us to identify the nature of Airdrie – our strengths and areas of need, and provides us with a tool for future community planning and direction. The survey asks about community services, arts, culture, recreation and sport facilities and development or improvement funding.

Master planning documents
Airdrie has a number of master planning documents that have been developed over the years, with citizen input. These include the Airdrie City Plan, Transportation Master Plan, Airdrie Fire Department Master Plan, Great Places Master Plan, and the AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan.


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