Airdrie Participant Support Program

APSP Application is a single application process for low-income City of Airdrie residents applying for subsidized City programming.

To be eligible for City of Airdrie subsidy programs, applicants must be residents of Airdrie and have a household income that is below the Low Income Cut Off (see chart below) or can qualify by submitting a copy of one of the eight documents listed below.
Based on Income, the City of Airdrie subsidy programs you may be eligible for by completing this application are:

When your application is processed, your income will be assessed to determine if you meet the income requirement for these programs. Community Links will send you an email or a letter or contact you by telephone letting you know if you qualify for these programs based on your income. This notification will tell you what to do next.  


How to apply

Step 1: Read all pages carefully. This application is used for all subsidy programs listed above.

Step 2: Complete this application to the best of your ability. If your application is incomplete, not clearly printed or missing documents, the application process will take longer.

Step 3: Provide current proof of income information for your household with your application. Applications must also include proof of Airdrie residency.

Step 4: Applications can be (select the method that is most convenient for you):

Mailed to:  Community Links: 211-125 Main St. NW, Airdrie AB T4B 0P7

Or dropped off in-person at Community Links (211-125 Main St. NW, Airdrie AB T4B 0P7)

Or faxed: 403.948.0226

Or emailed to

Application forms can be accessed at If you are sending documents via mail, fax or dropping them off, send copies of your supporting documents (income, residency identification), do not include originals.

Step 5: In two weeks from the time your application is received, you will receive notification telling you if you qualify for these programs and your card will be issued by mail or may be picked up at Community Links. Once the time period you have been approved for ends, you must re-apply with all documents once again (annually).


Income proof and documents

Your total household income must be less than the Low Income Cut-Off (LICO) set by Statistics Canada and is updated annually. Detailed amounts for your household can be found in the table below: 

Required documents

Please submit a copy of ONE of these documents with your application. A copy of the document MUST accompany your application for each member of your household 18 years or older. Please do not submit originals.

Applications must also include proof of Airdrie residency.

1. Canada Revenue Agency: Notice of Assessment (HOUSEHOLD)

2. Assured Income for Severely Handicapped (AISH)

3. Income Support -  Alberta Works or Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS)

4. Alberta Child Health Benefit Card (with copy of a letter from the Alberta government)

5. Alberta Seniors Benefit Card (with copy of a letter from the Alberta government)

6. Airdrie Housing Limited Tenant

7. Letter from a Registered Social Worker or partnering social agency stating family income

8. Resettlement Assistance Program document


Subsidy Levels

Successful applicants will qualify for up to a 50% discount on the current price of the following:

a) Admission and passes to City of Airdrie Recreation Centres

b) Registered programming at City of Airdrie Recreation Centres

c) Airdrie Transit fares and passes (including ACCESS Airdrie)


Airdrie Transit Fares

You can find more information on Airdrie Transit Fares here