Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs

“We aim to educate, empower and promote leadership within the youth community.”


The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs (ABYA) was first formed in 2005 with the goal to empower youth in Airdrie to deal with issues that affect them. In 2013 members began the process of rebuilding and redefining the goals and structure of the group, leading to the current incarnation of the youth council.

The ABYA is an essential component of the Airdrie Youth Strategy. 


Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: Empowering the voice of youth.

                                                                                                                                                          Mission: To educate and empower the youth community by providing advice to City departments and City Council on issues that affect youth, and through partnerships with other youth-focused groups, agencies and organizations.


Goal and Objectives


To serve as a bridge between City Council, youth and the community by functioning as an advisory body to the City of Airdrie that provides a voice for Airdrie youth.



  • Act as Ambassadors for the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs
  • Plan and participate in events and projects in the Airdrie community
  • Participate in training and education opportunities that enhance our knowledge as it relates to community needs
  • The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs will advise the City of Airdrie on:

- Youth involvement in the planning and development of City services and


- How the views of youth can be solicited and conveyed to Council

- Matters of planning and infrastructure

- Matters relating to policy and strategic development

- Planning and development of City services and programs



  • The ABYA consists of a minimum of seven members

  • Membership for first-time members is open to youth ages 11 to 18

  • Existing members may remain on the ABYA until age 24

  • Membership is limited to youth that are residents of the City of Airdrie

  • Three levels of membership are available to youth: Executive Membership, General Membership, and Associate Membership

Interested in joining? Contact Social Planning for more information.


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