Business Profile: Revival Therapeutics & Performance

Revival by definition means “an improvement in the condition or strength of something”. The all-female entrepreneur team at Revival Therapeutics & Performance has taken REVIVAL as a core value and applied it to their careers and their approach to empowering clients to take charge of their health.

Owners Ally Lo, Brodie Lefaivre & Carly Kolesnik were dealt with a career hurdle in March 2020 as all were victims of COVID layoffs. The determined trio chose to see it as an opportunity to work towards their vision and opened the doors of their own athletic therapy clinic in Airdrie four months later.

Located at 108, 120 2nd Ave in Airdrie’s downtown, the clinic aims to help frustrated individuals who have lost hope in the healthcare system to find long term solutions and understanding of their chronic pain.

We are encouraged by the team’s mission to increase education and awareness around chronic pain and empower Airdronians to take active steps in their health. While 1 in 5 people experience ongoing pain their daily lives, the ladies at Revival Therapeutics & Performance are committed to enabling clients to achieve pain-free living.


Quick Q&A with Revival Therapeutics & Performance

Why did you open in Airdrie?
Two of our owners are Airdrie locals so it was an easy choice to start our business here. We are proud to be the only Athletic Therapist owned clinic in our city.

What is your favourite thing about owning your own business?
Getting to be innovative! We love the ability to constantly grow and improve as we adapt to our clients’ needs.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?
Spreading awareness and the tendency for people to access treatment for a short-term fix are our biggest challenges. We are working to help our community understand that you don’t need to see yourself as an athlete to see an Athletic Therapist and that there is significant value in long term pain solutions.

What is a fun fact about your business?
Our business is owned by 3 women!

Get connected with Revival Therapeutics & Performance:
Twitter: @builtbyrevival