Pest control

The City of Airdrie has an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan. This plan will decide if pesticides will be used in specific areas of Airdrie, and if so, how they will be applied. This model was created through public consultation and provides the City with guidance on appropriate pest management options.

The majority of pests found in our parks are common to Southern Alberta. Weed control requires the majority of the pest control resources.


Feral domestic-breed rabbits

Feral domestic-breed rabbits are house-pet breeds or descendants of house-pet breeds that have populated on their own. They are not jackrabbits native to Airdrie.

Feral domestic-breed rabbits


Native jack-rabbits

If you’ve seen feral domestic-breed rabbits in your neighbourhood, please email with details about location, number of rabbits and how often you’ve seen them.

Feral domestic-breed rabbits breed every 31 days and produce six to eight rabbits per litter. The native population only breeds one to two times a year, and produce approximately four rabbits per litter. This means a feral domestic-breed rabbit could produce approximately 70 to 80 rabbits a year, in comparison to the native jackrabbit, who produces approximately eight rabbits per year. A high rabbit population creates a wildlife attractant for animals such as coyotes.

An infestation of feral domestic-breed rabbits can also ruin property and cause damage and death to mature trees. Feral domestic-breed rabbits that are not given proper care can carry and spread disease.


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