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Certified Bee City

The City of Airdrie has been officially recognized as a Bee City for the work we are doing to support healthy pollinator populations by preserving and promoting pollinator habitats. We are the 23rd city in Canada and the 2nd in Alberta to become part of the pollinator movement. Some of the work we are doing to protect and support healthy pollinator populations include:

  • planting over 500 native tree, shrubs and forbs annually
  • maintaining pollinator areas within parks, pathways and gardens
  • maintaining our community orchard
  • providing educational opportunities for residents to learn about pollinators

Bee City Canada is a North American movement of cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses and other organizations who have committed to taking action to protect pollinators. Visit Bee City Canada to learn more about the program.

Why should you care about pollinators?

  • 90 per cent of wild flowering plants globally depend on animal pollination for producing their seeds.
  • Pollinators are responsible for 35 per cent of the world’s crop production
  • Caring for bees and other pollinators is part of the fight against world hunger
  • Ensuring biodiversity among these species is crucial to build resilience in agroecosystems and adapt to climate change.

Source: FAO Produced by the News and Media Division/United Nations May 2018

Airdrie pollinators

Pollinator friendly plants, many of which are native to Airdrie: 

AnnualsPerennialsTrees and shrubs
cosmos purple coneflower (echinacea)* apple (parkland, september ruby, fall red, norkent, norland, goodland honey crisp)
zinnia blackeyed susan (rudbekia) pear (early gold)
alyssum milk weed plum (brookgold, early gold)
sunflower coreopsis cheery (evans sour, valentine, juliette)
petunia bee balm/wild bergamont* american hazelnut
lantana joe pye weed honneyberries/haskap*
annual daisies aster* saskatoon*
pansies yarrow gooseberry
ageratum speedwell/veronica currant (black, pink)
lobelia phlox nanking cherry
pentas fox glove  
calendula lupine*  
lavendar prairie crocus*  
borage smooth blue beardtongue*  
marigolds fleabane*  
  prairie goldenrod*  

*native to Alberta