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Structure Fire

Airdrie Alberta – December 13, 2:14 p.m., Airdrie Firefighters responded to a structure fire involving a two-story townhouse unit at 700 Block, Luxstone Square Southwest.

The main level of the four-unit townhouse complex was engulfed in smoke. Firefighters determined that the fire started in the lower-level laundry room. The blaze was extinguished quickly by the thirteen-man fire response team. The Fire Prevention Bureau reported that the cause of the fire was a mechanical failure on an electric dryer.

Surrounding buildings were not disturbed by the fire. Damage to the townhouse unit was minor, with an estimated cost of $1500 to replace the dryer.

The two residents, home at the time of the fire, evacuated safely. One of the residents was assessed by EMS and treated for minor smoke inhalation. The home was equipped with smoke alarms which sounded at the onset of the fire.

The Airdrie Fire Department would like to remind residents that smoke alarms save lives. It is important it is to ensure smoke alarms are installed on every level of your home (including the basement), outside each sleeping area, and inside each bedroom. Test each alarm monthly to ensure they are working properly. For more information on how to install smoke alarms in your home visit the National Fire Prevention ASSOCIATION’S website. 

Fire prevention tips for home dryers:

  • It is important to keep laundry rooms clean and keep clothing away from the dryer.
  • Read the manufacturer's instructions and warnings and use the care manuals that come with new dryers.
  • Inspect the venting to ensure it is not damaged or restricted.
  • Check to ensure nests of rodents or birds are not plugging the outdoor vent.
  • Clean the lint trap after every load.
  • Do not run the dryer when you are leaving the home or when you go to bed.
  • Do not dry items that have come into contact with anything flammable such as oil or gasoline.
  • Do not dry anything containing foam, rubber or plastic.


Media contact:
Deputy Fire Chief Garth Rabel
403.948.8800 ext.7612