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Changes to City program will help more residents access services

Tuesday, Jan. 31/ For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – As of January 1, 2023, changes to the City of Airdrie’s subsidy program for low-income residents have come into effect, improving access to vital city services for Airdrie residents.

The Airdrie Fair Access (AFA) program – formerly known as the Airdrie Participant Support Program (APSP) – provides income-based subsidies on select transit passes and fares, and Genesis Place recreation programs and services.

Through AFA, residents whose household income is within 25 per cent of the Low-Income Cut-Off before taxes (LICO-BT) or below, as defined by Statistics Canada, can receive a 25 – 75 per cent discount on eligible City programs and services.

“The Airdrie Fair Access program is an important initiative that helps us to ensure all residents have access to affordable public transit and recreation programs,” said Mayor Peter Brown. “All residents should have equal opportunity to utilize City services and we would like to encourage all Airdrie residents who qualify for AFA to apply.”

The most significant update to the program included a change to the qualification requirements with applicant income now being assessed on a sliding scale.

Under the former APSP program, residents could qualify for a 50 per cent subsidy if their household income was below the LICO-BT. Under the new AFA program, applicants whose income is up to 25 per cent above the LICO-BT will now qualify for a 25 per cent subsidy – with applicants whose income falls below the LICO-BT, qualifying for either a 50 or 75 per cent subsidy.

“The sliding scale model will allow more residents to qualify for the program, while ensuring all program members continue to get the support they need,” said Chris Esselmont, social planner with the City of Airdrie. “The City of Airdrie is committed to removing barriers to accessing municipal services and AFA helps to make sure that all residents have fair and equitable access regardless of their income.”

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Media Contact:

Chris Esselmont
Social Planner
City of Airdrie
403.948.8800 ext. 8483