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City Council approves artificial turf installation at Ed Eggerer Athletic Park

July 4, 2023 – For immediate release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – On July 4, Council endorsed Ed Eggerer Athletic Park as the location for Airdrie’s new artificial turf field.

“This is a win for recreation in Airdrie,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “Choosing Ed Eggerer Athletic Park as the location and converting the existing field to artificial turf, as opposed to starting from scratch elsewhere, means Airdrie will have a sanctioned field as early as next year.”

Council reviewed the findings and recommendations of a report on the suitability of Ed Eggerer Athletic Park for the Football Canada and FIFA sanctioned artificial turf field. The report recommended the location after examining geotechnical considerations, available existing infrastructure and timing.

Council directed Administration to return to Council with a Class A cost estimate by Q4 of 2023. If approved, it is anticipated that construction on the new artificial turf field would begin in 2024.

“Choosing to install an artificial turf field at Ed Eggerer Athletic Park makes sense despite the soil challenges. It allows the community to have a playable area much sooner compared to other potential sites like the planned SW recreation centre,” explains Brad Anderson, Manager of Genesis Place & Arenas. “Similar soil difficulties may exist at other locations too. Furthermore, Ed Eggerer Athletic Park already has necessary infrastructure such as bleachers, change rooms and parking, which would require budgeting and construction at other sites.”

The July 4 presented report, as commissioned by Binnie & Associates Ltd., also examined the feasibility of an air supported structure that could offer four-season recreation on the new artificial turf field. The report outlined the many challenges such a structure would face, including the cost of set up and take down, snow removal and the requirement to remove Ed Eggerer Athletic Park’s running track. As such, the location was not recommended for a seasonal air supported dome.

“It was important to explore the feasibility of a seasonal air-supported dome alongside this project to ensure we have done our due diligence in pursuing four-season recreation for the community. What we found was that it wasn’t recommended at Ed Eggerer Athletic Park due to factors like soil, available space and the running track; but also because of the annual operational cost to taxpayers,” says Anderson. “A field house will be considered in future phases of the SW recreation centre.”

In 2021, the City partnered with the Artificial Turf Field Society on a Feasibility Study for an Artificial Turf Sportsfield. The study looked into the possibility of having an artificial turf field at Ed Eggerer Athletic Park. However, the study’s findings were limited in scope and suggested that a more comprehensive feasibility study should be conducted. The initial report also suggested looking into the practicality of having a seasonal dome that could be inflated with air to allow for year-round play.


Media contact:
Brad Anderson
Manager, Genesis Place & Arenas
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