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Council endorses new governance structure and calendar update

April 3, 2024/For Immediate Release

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA — On April 2, 2024, City Council approved changes to the Council calendar which will now see all Council meetings and Council Standing Committee meetings occurring on Tuesdays each month. This request was brought forward at the March 18 regular meeting of Council when the City of Airdrie’s new governance structure was endorsed.

“This new governance structure will help streamline our process and enable City Council to focus on strategic level decisions required for a growing city,” says Mayor Peter Brown. “Our governance structure remains committed to open communication and transparency with residents and businesses and we continue to offer different ways for individuals to engage with Council.”

Changes to the City’s governance structure will see the addition of three standing committees: the Community Infrastructure and Strategic Growth Committee, the Community Safety and Social Services Committee and the Community and Corporate Services Committee. Each committee serves as a specialized body that focuses on certain areas of city governance and will have decision making capabilities as delegated by Council.

Standing Committee Structure

All standing committees are comprised of three elected officials (voting members) and two citizen members (non-voting). The Mayor will also be an ex-officio voting member on all standing committees.

The following Council members will serve on the following standing committees:

Community Infrastructure and Strategic Growth (CISG) Committee Councillor Al Jones Councillor Heather Spearman
Councillor Tina Petrow
Councillor Ron Chapman
Community Safety and Social Services (CSSS) Committee Councillor Ron Chapman Councillor Darrell Belyk
Councillor Candice Kolson
Councillor Heather Spearman
Community and Corporate Services (CCS) Committee Councillor Tina Petrow Councillor Ron Chapman
Councillor Al Jones
Councillor Candice Kolson

Citizen members for the standing committees will be recruited over the coming months and will be required to apply for committee appointment and must meet specific requirements to be considered. All citizen members will be appointed by City Council.


Media contact: 
Charlotte Satink
Manager, Legislative Services & IGM
403.948.8800 ext: 6427