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Public hearing for land use amendment in Bayview/Bayside

Meeting will be held in-person at Airdrie City Hall (Council Chambers) 400 Main Street SE
Meeting will be held electronically through
Comments may be submitted to

Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at 1 p.m.
BYLAW NO. B-23/2024
Proposed Amendment to Land Use Bylaw

This public hearing is for any affected Airdrie resident to comment on proposed Bylaw No. B-23/2024 being a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw B-01/2016 as follows:
1. That Section 8.1 (3) (Land Use Map) of Land Use Bylaw No. B-01/2016 be amended by redistricting approximately 1.27ha (3.14ac) of lands legally described as Lot 27 to 37, Block 1, Plan 2310879 and Lot 13 to 20, Block 32, Plan 2311179, from R1-L, Narrow Lot Laned Residential District to R1, Single Detached Residential District as illustrated in the attached Schedule "A";
2. That Section 8.5.6 (5) Diagram 2 of Land Use Bylaw No. B-01/2016 be amended as illustrated in Schedule “B”.

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Shengxu Li