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City approves Regional Funding Servicing Strategy

AIRDRIE, ALBERTA – During their regular meeting on Sept. 20, 2021, City Council endorsed a funding strategy for the regional servicing required to accommodate a population of 211,000 and beyond.

The proposed funding solution allocates a higher percentage of the off-site levies paid in new development areas into a fund that would allow the City to construct a larger and more cost-effective pipe when Airdrie’s population reaches approximately 130,000, rather than a series of smaller pipes at escalating population thresholds.

"The strategy that we endorsed as Council provides certainty to those that invest in Airdrie that we will be able to build the most cost-effective servicing solution when it is needed," said Mayor Brown. "It’s a product of good collaboration with our development partners and a legacy for the long-term growth and development of this community."

Building Industry and Land Development Association Calgary Region (BILD CR) had collaborated with City Administration since 2019 to recommend this strategy out of a variety of potential options based on mutually accepted evaluation criteria.

"Both parties are pleased that this solution provides cost certainty for development competitiveness without compromising municipal control of development sequencing," explains Community Growth Manager, Stephen Utz. :But it also leaves the door open for other funding sources or intermunicipal coordination."

"We were pleased to be able to have such open dialogue and collaboration with City Administration," said Kimber Higa, Manager of Government Relations & Committees with BILD CR. "By working together, we were really able to protect and build on what was important to each other. From this solution, our land development members know that Airdrie supports competitive growth and wants to work with industry to provide more stability for investment for years to come."

Council expressed appreciation to both parties for coordinating on a solution that did not affect the aspirations of the 10-Year Capital Plan. "I’m pleased to see we are able to ensure continued growth without affecting the aspirations of the community for facilities and services," said Councillor Tina Petrow. "It’s good for us and it can be good for the region too."

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