What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a vision of the future. It means meeting the current environmental, social and economic needs of our community while ensuring the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Adopting a commitment to sustainability is important to making sure that we have and will continue to have, the water, materials and other resources that are essential to protecting human health and our environment.


AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan

The AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan is a made-in-Airdrie plan specifically designed by and for Airdrie citizens and community leaders. It outlines 10 common goals to guide our actions over the next five to 10 years as we create a more sustainable community and work toward the shared community vision. These goals align with what citizens told us is important to long term quality of life in the community. The plan provides objectives and strategies for developing on-the-ground actions, so that Airdrie can continue to thrive over the long term. 

The role of the AirdrieOne Plan is to set the strategic-level direction for sustainability – particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental protection, water conservation, and smart growth – across other municipal initiatives, plans, and strategies. As such, the implementation of AirdrieOne will occur through many of the City’s existing mechanisms, including budgets, plan development, regulations, policies and programs.

Many of these mechanisms are ongoing activities. The challenge and opportunity is to do them 'better' so that each decision made is done in a deliberate way that moves the City closer to the community's adopted vision of a sustainable Airdrie.

2014 Implementation Progress Report

On March 17, 2014 (near the two year anniversary of the Plan), staff presented Council with an update on the AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan and related implementation initiatives.  Council endorsed the three key actions presented:

  1. establish a biannual AirdrieONE progress report;
  2. add an AirdrieONE Sustainability Implications section to report templates and reports taken to Council’s advisory boards, committees, and the Municipal Planning Commission; and
  3. develop an AirdrieONE Plan review process.

Council's sustainability vision:

Airdrie is a vibrant, caring community rich in urban amenities and opportunities for everyone. We value a healthy, sustainable environment connecting people and places.


Council's sustainability priorities

Airdrie City Council has identified the following sustainability priorities:

Water conservation

Living in a drier prairie climate with a limited water supply and growing population is placing increasing pressures on our water resources. Using water more efficiently and finding ways to conserve are critical to the long term security of our water supply.

Waste reduction

Reducing the amount of waste in municipal landfills is an important consideration for community sustainability. Increasing our recycling efforts and viewing our waste as a resource to be re-purposed (ex. composting organic waste) can help minimize growing costs for waste hauling and disposal facilities.

Local economy

A strong, resilient economy is essential to quality of life in Airdrie. Shopping locally and attracting a broad range of employment opportunities to the community are key strategies to support achieving this goal.

Healthy community

The City will continue to be a strong advocate for the health, well-being and social needs of the community. This includes advocating to the Provincial government for health care options, supporting community-grown arts and cultural initiatives, and improving access to learning and recreational opportunities.

Preserving green space

The Airdrie community values and enjoys having access to green space and natural areas of the Nose Creek watershed. Creating and protecting a connected network of environmentally sensitive areas, trails, pathways, open spaces and parks throughout the city will help ensure citizens can continue to enjoy these valued areas.


Small steps for a sustainable Airdrie

The small things we do add up. Although it isn't always easy to change the way we do things, our efforts make a positive impact on our community today and for tomorrow.

Both the City and residents share the role of practicing sustainability on a daily basis. If both do their part, the ten common goals in the AirdrieONE Sustainability Plan can be easily reached.


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