Land Use Bylaw (LUB)


The following amendments to the Land Use Bylaw are being proposed in response the current COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the Public Hearing page for information on the Public Hearing.

Bylaw No. B-15/2020 amends Land Use Bylaw No. B-01/2016 by:

  • Removing restrictions for the number, location and length of maximum term for A-frame, lawn, portable and specialized signs;
  • Adding additional sign locations for general local marketing along the non-profit sign corridors on Main Street, Yankee Valley Boulevard and Veteran’s Boulevard;
  • Using a portion of the municipal allocation of private billboard space for general local marketing, when not required for emergency or priority messaging, and;
  • Allowing third-party signs on all commercial and industrial districts.All amendments are limited to a term from April 21, 2020 to December 31, 2020. A link to the full text of the Bylaw, and other documentation is available for review at

Bylaw No. B-23/2020 amends Land Use Bylaw No. B-01/2016 by:

  • Delegating the Development Authority powers ordinarily resting with Municipal Planning Commission to the Development Officer for the time period that Council suspends Municipal Planning Commission in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Purpose of the Land Use Bylaw

The LUB is a planning tool with the purpose of regulating development in a manner that is specifically enabled by the provisions contained in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) of Alberta. The bylaw relies heavily on guiding plans to inform it, including the Airdrie City Plan, Area Structure Plans, Redevelopment Plans, and Inter-Municipal Development Plans. The LUB is also expected to be consistent with any regional plans that are administered by the Province.

Airdrie’s 2016 Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is written for today's growth pressures and contains clearly written regulations leaving less room for misinterpretation. Below are the current Land Use Bylaw regulations under Bylaw B-01/2016, as amended and consolidated from time to time.

Land Use Bylaw (consolidated on December 28, 2017)
Appendix A, Figures
Appendix B, Maps

The PREVIOUS Land Use Bylaw, Bylaw No. B-09/2005, is available for reference purposes, as is the Land Use Bylaw (final adopted version)

A record of the Land Use Bylaw update project, which includes draft documents and materials from public engagement, Planning Commission, and Council presentations, is available here.


Updates and News

We are always monitoring the effectiveness of the Land Use Bylaw and welcome input from residents and stakeholders. However, there are no updates being brought forward to Council at this time.


Amendment Records

The Land Use Bylaw is considered a “living document” and over time the Bylaw is frequently amended and reconsolidated as new communities are developed, areas receive land use or rezoning approvals, and staff update regulations to respond to issues and emerging trends. A record of amendments to Land Use Bylaw B-01/2016 is kept below:

Amending Bylaw Date Enacted Type Description
B-12/2016 2016-06-06     Map amendment Map amendment for expansion of Monklands MR area.


2016-06-06 Text amendment Council approved the creation of Direct Control District 47 (DC-47)


2016-06-06 Land Use approval Land Use approval for South Point commercial


2016-06-06 Land Use approval Land Use approval for South Point residential


2016-08-06 Map amendment Map amendment for MR disposition and land use amendment on Tower Lane


2017-01-16 Land Use approval Land Use approval for Phases 1-3 of Chinook Winds NSP


2017-06-05 Text amendment and map amendment Administrative amendment: 12 text items and 1 map update from review and implementation of the Land Use Bylaw


2017-07-04 Map amendment Map amendment to redesignate part of Coopers’ Phases 21 and 26


2017-07-04 Text amendment Text amendment to add ““Health Care, Limited” as a Discretionary Use to DC-11


2017-08-21 Land Use approval  Cobblestone Creek


2017-10-02 Text amendment Add “Vehicle Sales and Leasing” as a Discretionary Use in M3, limited to specific sites, and special land use requirements for Vehicle Sales and Leasing in the M3 District.



Text amendment and map amendment Direct Control District 48 (DC-48) created and subject lands redistricted



Map amendment Cobblestone Creek redistricting for show homes



Map amendment Redistricting of parts of Midtown from DC-41 to R1-L and from DC-43 to R2


The following amendments have been passed since the most recent consolidation of Land Use Bylaw No. B-01/2016:

Amending Bylaw Date Enacted Type Description
B-39/2017 2018-01-15 Land Use approval Bayview/Bayside Stage 3 NSP: Phase 1


2018-04-03 Map amendment Redistricting Lot 35, Block 1A, Plan 1412686 from R1-V to M1


2018-04-03 Map amendment Redistricting Part of Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 0012504 from R2 to R1-L


2018-05-07 Map amendment Redistricting 12.4 hectares (30.64 acres) within lands legally described as NE ¼ Section 26, Township 26, Range 1, W5M in South Windsong


2018-07-03 Text amendment Add “Personal Service” to the list of Permitted Uses in DC-19


2018-09-04 Text amendment Included definitions, standards and regulations on Cannabis Facilities and Cannabis Retail businesses and established a supporting map outlining the locations where Cannabis Retail

is established as a Permitted or Discretionary Use


2018-10-01 Text amendment Add “Indoor Recreation, Limited” as a Discretionary Use in IB-3, limited specifically to Lot 3, Block 7, Plan 7711567, and adding a corresponding location map to the IB-3 district within Section 8.5.24




2018-12-03  Map amendment Redistricting Lots 10 & 11, Block 8A, Plan 5541R from CS to R1-V


2019-01-21 Text amendment and map amendment Redistrict Lot 4, Plan 9612338 from RR-4 to RR-2, and make a site-specific text-amendment to the RR-2 land use district.


2019-01-21 Text amendment Administrative amendment: 11 items from review and implementation of the Land Use Bylaw


2019-04-01 Text amendment Amended LUB standards that apply to cannabis retail and cannabis facility applications and amended Map 6 with updated information on licensed school sites affecting locations eligible for cannabis retail uses.


2019-04-15 Text amendment Amend minimum lot width standard for "Single Detached with Lane Access" in the R2 district from 9.1m to 8.5m


2019-08-19 Text amendment Updated standards to the R1-U District


2019-10-21 Text amendment Administrative amendment: 16 items from review and implementation of the Land Use Bylaw

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