Land Use Bylaw (LUB)

Purpose of the Land Use Bylaw

The LUB is a planning tool with the purpose of regulating development in a manner that is specifically enabled by the provisions contained in the Municipal Government Act (MGA) of Alberta. The bylaw relies heavily on guiding plans to inform it, including the Airdrie City Plan, Area Structure Plans, Redevelopment Plans, and Inter-Municipal Development Plans. The LUB is also expected to be consistent with any regional plans that are administered by the Province.

Airdrie’s 2016 Land Use Bylaw (LUB) is written for today's growth pressures and contains clearly written regulations leaving less room for misinterpretation. Below are the current Land Use Bylaw regulations under Bylaw B-01/2016, as amended and consolidated from time to time.

Land Use Bylaw (consolidated June 3, 2022)
Appendix A, Figures
Appendix B, Maps (consolidated June 3, 2022)

In addition to the approved Land Use Bylaw documents, there is a City Address and Land Use Search Application available here.

Please note: There may be new information that has not been consolidated into these Council-approved documents. For a list of amendments passed since the most recent consolidation, please check here.


Old Land Use Bylaw Records

The PREVIOUS Land Use Bylaw, Bylaw No. B-09/2005, is available for reference purposes, as well as a copy of Land Use Bylaw No. B-01/2016 as originally adopted by Council on June 6, 2016.

A record of the Land Use Bylaw update project, which includes draft documents and materials from public engagement, Planning Commission, and Council presentations, is available here.


Upcoming Amendments and Updates




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