Register for MERX

Formal competitions are now posted on the MERX website

Vendors should ensure they are registered on the MERX system by contacting or phoning 1.800.964.6379 (Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. MST). MERX personnel will assist vendors with setting up their profile and with opportunity matching. Be sure to mention to MERX that you are a City of Airdrie vendor as it is a free service. Free online video tutorials are also available at 



 Currently the City has opportunities for the following:

  • R20-0000000062 - External Audit Services closes June 30, 2020

   Future opportunities that may be posted in June/July:

  • R19-0000000003 - Pre-Qualification for Architectural, Engineering & Project Management Services
  • R19-0000000029 - Supply & Delivery of Trucks
  • R19-0000000037 - Supply & Delivery of Vehicles
  • R19-0000000045 - Consulting Services - Asset Information Management Strategy
  • R20-0000000061 - Incident Management Software
  • R20-0000000072 - Removal of Concrete & Asphalt
  • R20-0000000073 - Supply & Install Audio Visual Equipment
  • R20-0000000074 - Cathodic Protection Services

The City is committed to the acquisition of goods and services at the best value while treating all vendors equitably. The City is committed to creating and maintaining a high level of confidence in its procurement of goods and/or services by ensuring integrity, transparency, accountability, efficiency and consistency in its procurement process. When required, opportunities are fully open and posted on a government website