Intercity Express Service


The Intercity Express (ICE) is your connection between Airdrie and Calgary.

Accessible, affordable and convenient, ICE offers three routes that provide easy access to Calgary with transfers via Calgary Transit (separate fare required).

Travel the cool way home, take the ICE!


900 Airdrie-CrossIron Mills-McKnight

Airdrie Transit provides daily service between Airdrie, CrossIron Mills Mall, and McKnight-Westwinds LRT station in northeast Calgary.

The fare is determined based on destination - CrossIron Mills Mall, McKnight-Westwinds LRT or Airdrie. The Route 900 service operates separate from Calgary Transit services and thus a separate fare is required for trips originating from McKnight-Westwinds station.

Route Map

Monday to Saturday 900 Airdrie-CrossIron Mills-McKnight LRT
Sunday 900 Airdrie-CrossIron Mills-McKnight LRT
Holiday 900 Airdrie-CrossIron Mills-McKnight LRT

901 East Airdrie-Downtown Calgary

Travelling on the east side of Airdrie, Route 901 provides easy accessibility to residents along East Lake Boulevard and Yankee Valley Boulevard.

Looking for a park and ride option? The Ron Ebbesen Arena offers ample year-round parking.

Route Map

Mornings 901 East Airdrie-Downtown Calgary
Afternoons 901 East Airdrie-Downtown Calgary

902 West Airdrie-Downtown Calgary

Travelling on the west side of Airdrie, Route 902 provides easy accessibility to residents along Main Street and 8th Street corridors.

Route Map

Mornings 902 West Airdrie-Downtown Calgary
Afternoons 902 West Airdrie-Downtown Calgary

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