Fare Prices

 Local ServiceRoute 900Downtown

ICE Route

Cash $2.75 $5.00 $10.00
Ticket Book
(10 tickets)
$27.50 $50.00
Adult (19 to 64 years old)
Monthly Pass
$68.00 $99.00 $195.00
Senior (65+ years old)
Monthly Pass
$37.50 $79.00 $150.00
Youth (6 to 18 years)
Monthly Pass
$25.00 $79.00 $150.00
Student (18 - 25 years,
School ID must be presented)
$25.00 $79.00 $150.00

For customers that plan to use multiple bus routes:

  • ICE passes are accepted on routes 901, 902, 900, 1 and 3
  • Route 900 passes are accepted on routes 900, 1 and 3
  • Local passes are accepted on routes 1 and 3

Children between the ages of newborn and 5 years old, ride all Airdrie Transit services at no cost while being accommpanied by a fare-paying guardian.

Questions? Please email transit@airdrie.ca or call 403-948-8875.

Specialized Medical Trips to Calgary are available for registered ACCESS Airdrie clients. Clients who travel to Calgary for Specialized Medical Trips will be provided with an invoice from the City of Airdirie. The client is not required to pay the driver directly.  

Specialized Medical Trip FareAmount
One-Way Fare $30


The City of Airdrie offers a transit subsidy to reduce financial barriers for eligible, low income residents. For further details on this program, please visit:

Airdrie Participant Support Program


Ride Transit All Summer!

Airdrie Transit is pleased to offer a Local Bus Pass deal for youth who want to travel locally this summer!

Effective June 1 to August 31, 2022, youth and student passes are just $25.00 monthly, for unlimited trips locally throughout Airdrie. Passes can be purchased online via our Hotspot App or alternatively, picked up at any of our retail locations.

To see our current schedules, please visit Local Routes and Schedules!

Questions? Please email transit@airdrie.ca or call 403-948-8875.


Payment Options

Airdrie Transit provides different payment options to make your trip as convenient as possible.

  • To pay with cash: Insert the coins and/or bills into the fare box when you board the bus. If you wish to pay with cash, it is important to have exact fare. The bus driver does not have access to any coins or bills and can’t give you change.
  • To pay with a bus ticket: Insert the ticket into the top of the fare box when you board the bus.
  • To pay with a monthly bus pass: Show the bus driver your bus pass as you board the bus. DO NOT insert it into the fare box. The driver won’t be able to get it out and you will lose your pass.

New Payment Option:

You can now purchase passes and tickets on your phone using the HotSpot App! The HotSpot Transit App simplifies your travel experience!

Download the App today:

HotSpot Transit App

If you need to take a combination of bus routes, please advise your bus driver that you will need to transfer buses.

Where to Buy

Airdrie Transit tickets and monthly passes are available for purchase at the retail outlets listed below:

  • Airdrie City Hall (400 Main Street SE)
  • Calgary Co-op (Airdrie Location, 2700 Main Street SE)
  • Genesis Place (800 East Lake Blvd NE)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart on 8th Street (836 1st Ave NW)
  • Shoppers Drug Mart at Cooper's Town Promenade (801, 41 Coopers Blvd SW)
  • Shoppers at Towerlane Mall (303, 505 Main Street)


Active unused monthly passes may be refunded at a pro-rated amount from the date of return.

To request a refund, please email transit@airdrie.ca with the following information:

  • Photo of Bus Pass (photo should include the bus pass cut into pieces)
  • Photo of Proof of Purchase (receipt)
  • Contact information including full name, mailing address and phone number
  • Reason for the refund

Once your refund has been processed, we will mail you a cheque for the refund.

Please note, that Airdrie Transit is not responsible for a lost or stolen bus passes or ticket. Replacements/refunds will not be issued for lost or stolen passes or tickets.

Questions? Please call 403.948.8875 or email transit@airdrie.ca


Contact us

Transit Administration

P. 403.948.8875

F. 403.948.6567