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Weed control

Help prevent weeds

  • Research plants you introduce to your garden
  • Most weeds are referred to as escaped ornamental weeds
  • Avoid bare ground in your yard, where weeds can easily germinate
  • Stop weeds before they go to seed
  • Beware of wildflower mixes that may contain weed seed
  • Do not compost weed carcasses
  • Share your knowledge with a neighbour

Dandelions in parks and sports fields

The City Parks department controls dandelions based on threshold levels. They count the number of dandelions in parks and sports fields throughout the summer and if dandelions exceed established thresholds, weed control is done in the fall when the plant absorbs the most product. The Parks department doesn’t spray dandelions in parks and sports fields when plants are flowering because Airdrie is a certified bee city and removal of a food source would be detrimental to bees.

Usually Parks conducts regular preventative maintenance, as well as annual broadleaf weed inspections, but because of the reduction in Parks staff due to COVID-19, Parks will only be spraying for noxious weed control in shrub beds and contracting out weed control in the fall.

The City uses fertilizing, watering, aerating and topdressing to improve turf health and reduce and prevent the establishment of weeds, reducing the need for pesticide use. When turf is healthy, it is more difficult for weeds such as dandelions to establish.

Dandelions at home

Hand pulling is an excellent way to control small infestations. If you do choose to use a chemical, there are a number of products available from your local hardware store. If you are using a herbicide always read the label prior to any application, and ensure that you are using the product for its intended use.

Noxious & prohibited noxious weeds

  • Prohibited noxious weeds are highly invasive and must be completely removed. These plants pose an extreme risk to natural and agricultural areas. Inspection programs are in place to track their whereabouts throughout Alberta.
  • Noxious weeds easily establish and take over properties. These weeds must be controlled to stop their spread. Once established, they can prove difficult to remove.

Invasive plants are aggressive in nature and quickly out-compete native plants to reduce biodiversity. They can infest waterways, range lands, and change yards and natural habitats.

For further information refer to the Alberta Weed Control Act.